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Q: How Can I Get A Whiter, Brighter Smile? [FAQ]

Where do we begin?!

At the hands of highly-regarded cosmetic dentist, Dr. John Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates, you have a number of ways to whiten your teeth for a brighter, more beautiful smile!

From quick in-office teeth whitening treatment, to a convenient, customized take-home kit, to veneers, you’ll find the right method to maintain a radiant smile for years!

To find out which of our whitening strategies is best for you, come in for a consultation.

Call our San Antonio, TX dental office today at 210-951-4444 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

Q: Why Should I Choose Invisalign?

When choosing a clear aligner system, you want the best. Invisalign was the first and remains the fastest, most efficient clear aligner system on the market. They use the highest grade system to design your new smile. The technology is way beyond what a regular dentist office could provide, though we do have our own version of Invisalign called Invisabrace™. Call today to learn more about the several orthodontic options we offer here at Cosmetic Dental Associates.

Q: How Do I Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist?

Choosing a San Antonio cosmetic dentist is simple: just call our practice! If you’re living in another part of the country and can’t make the trip to our office for treatment, we have some tips to help you find the best cosmetic dentist in YOUR area. The key is to check out their website. You’re looking for clues that this is the dentist for you.

First, you want to be sure they perform the service you want. Dentists who have their own in-house lab are a great option because it’s clear that the doctor wants to help you get your smile just right. Above all, look for lots and lots of pictures of happy patients, like what you find in our smile gallery. Look for before-and-after photos so that you can see the work the dentist did. The more pictures you see, the safer you can feel about that cosmetic dentist.

Q: Is Invisalign Effective?

Invisalign in San Antonio is effective treatment for almost every case of malocclusion. If you’ve been told that you are not a candidate, then it’s time for you to seek out a second opinion at CDA. Invisalign has progressed a lot over the past 5-10 years and is a bona fide orthodontic solution capable of repairing all sorts of smiles. Don’t give up hope. Make sure you are working with a dentist who has the optimum combination of skill and experience to help you get the best outcome with Invisalign.

Q: Veneers Vs. Implants

The difference between San Antonio dental implants and dental veneers is sometimes misunderstood. Here’s how it works:

  • A dental implant replaces a tooth that is already missing or is too far gone to save. The implant will restore the root of the missing tooth and allow for a restoration, like a crown, to replace the tooth.
  • A dental veneer is used when the tooth is there but looks bad. A good veneer can last for decades, so we use this option when the tooth is sound but needs a facelift. We will always prioritize keeping your natural tooth in place whenever possible.

Q: Lumineers Vs. Veneers

Anyone interested in Lumineers in San Antonio will ask us how they differ from regular veneers. It’s a great question. Ultimately, Lumineers is simply a brand name of a good quality veneer. The company operates out of a lab in California. Their lab technicians are above average, and they offer thick, thin, and prepless veneers. The downside is that their lab is so far away. They aren’t able to customize veneers as well or as quickly as we can with our in-house lab.

At CDA, we offer several types of veneers including one called Permanent Teeth Whitening. When you opt for these veneers, you will know that they are being made for your unique smile. We measure the height and width of your smile as well as the position of the tooth within your smile. All of these specifications help us create a fully customized dental veneer that fits perfectly and helps you look your best.

Q: Are Dental Implants Safe?

Yes! Dental implants in San Antonio are perfectly safe. Over the past few decades, all of the approaches and materials have been tested and improved. We’ve developed the technology and tools needed to make the placement process flawless. We use digital planning, placement guides, and 3D imaging to ensure that your dental implant is placed exactly where it belongs. The implant itself is such a useful restoration that we expect this procedure to be around for quite a while.

Q: What Are Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Crooked Teeth?

We have two basic options to correct crooked teeth in San Antonio:

  • Straighten teeth with orthodontics – Use something like Invisalign or braces to straighten the teeth and create a beautiful smile.
  • Recreate the smile with cosmetic restorations – Use veneers or crowns to create an aligned smile.

In many cases, the smile will lend itself to one option over the other. However, we have seen cases where it is most beneficial to do a combination of the two methods. In either case, we will work closely with you to create your dream smile.

Q: What Does a Veneer Cost?

Many things can affect the cost of a dental veneer in San Antonio. Things like location of the practice, quality of the material being used, and the doctor’s expertise can all play a factor in cost. At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we are able to keep the costs very affordable by using our in-house lab for veneer creation. You receive a high-quality, fully customized veneer at a very good price. To get an accurate cost estimate, visit our practice and let us see your smile. We’re happy to show you all your options.

Q: What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Dental implants are made of many different materials, but the two most prevalent are titanium and porcelain. Titanium is currently much more popular, but we expect porcelain to quickly grow in popularity. Titanium is great because the body reacts well to it. The bone integrates well with the titanium, and the end result is very strong. Porcelain implants are fairly new, but they are providing a great benefit: a white structure. This makes the implant look more like a natural tooth root and creates a white foundation for the rest of the restoration, which makes it easier for our San Antonio cosmetic dentist to produce an aesthetically appealing outcome.

Q: Are Dental Implants Worth It?

There are times when a dental bridge is the superior option, just as there are times when a dental implant is superior. You have to be with a dentist you can trust to look at your smile clinically and help you make the best decision. We see dentists selling a full arch of new teeth in one day when it’s just not necessary. They’re stripping out healthy teeth and placing plastic temporary teeth. Be careful if that’s what your dentist is recommending. There is a correct way to make this transition, but it takes careful planning and high-quality products. Trust us to help you make the best decision for the health of your smile.

Q: What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a great way to repair teeth that are crooked, gapped, chipped, cracked, and worn. Imagine being able to retain your healthy teeth but make them look absolutely dynamite. That’s what a porcelain veneer can do. We can even correct discoloration and teeth that simply don’t match the rest of your smile. Porcelain veneers can transform your smile completely. Call today to set up a consultation and see how veneers can improve your smile.

Q: What Toothbrush Does Dr. Moore Recommend

Dr. Moore cautions patients against using hard-bristled toothbrushes that can lead to premature wear and tear on the enamel of your teeth. A soft-bristled toothbrush – manual or electric – is all you need to properly clean your teeth and gums.

Q: What’s The Proper Way To Floss

You can floss at night or in the morning, just as long as you floss daily. Be sure to use a new section of floss for each tooth. Work the floss gently beneath the gumline, wrap it around each side of each tooth, and work it up and down to remove plaque.

Q: How Can I Prevent Cavities

Your mouth naturally creates a film over your teeth that becomes plaque. Plaque can harden into tartar and tartar can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. By brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day, you break the film before it can become tartar. When you visit us for regular teeth cleanings, we’ll remove tartar from any spots you missed. We can also coat your teeth in fluoride to toughen your enamel and fight tooth decay.

Q: Are Six-Month Dental Checkups Necessary

Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, it’s still possible to miss a spot. The plaque in that missed spot will turn into tartar that can be removed only by a dental professional. Your checkups also give us a chance to take X-rays, conduct an oral cancer screening, and answer any oral health questions you have. We recommend you see us every six months, or more frequently if we’re treating you for an ongoing issue.

Q: What Are My Payment Options At Cosmetic Dental Associates

We have several flexible payment options:

  • Many major dental insurance plans (call to ask about your specific plan)
  • Cash
  • Major credit cards
  • Special financing through CareCredit, Lending Club, Wells Fargo, and GreenSky (pending credit approval)

We hope we’ve answered your dental questions. Call us today at 210-951-4444 to schedule your appointment or if you have any other questions.

Now that we’ve answered your questions, let us get to work on your smile. Schedule your consultation by calling 210-951-4444 or using our online form.

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