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Permanent Teeth Whitening Eclipses Bleaching Methods

As more people pursue ideal beauty, including that perfect smile, teeth whitening kits are becoming increasingly popular. But over-the-counter products aren’t professionally designed to last on the teeth, making their results temporary at best. That’s just part of the cosmetic tooth bleaching market, which is a $3.2 billion global industry and still growing. In fact, in-office bleaching ...

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A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words

Nicole talks to John Moore, DDS about Cosmetic Dentistry.  They talk about botched dentistry, veneers, how to find the right Cosmetic Dentist, teeth bleaching and grills.  Follow John Moore, DDS on instagram @drjamsmiles and check him out on Facebook at Cosmetic Dental Association San Antonio. Originally Featured In: ...

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Experts question Yolanda Hadid’s mercury filling claims

On July 22, “Real Housewife” Yolanda Hadid — matriarch of the Hadid brood of supermodels — shared via Instagram that she had undergone a controversial procedure to remove old fillings from her teeth. “I removed all my Mercury amalgams,” wrote Hadid, referring to the mercury-based fillings known as dental amalgam. The goal is to rid the body of potential toxins, but the medical ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry Is a 21st Century Fine Art Form

Originally Featured In: The $55 billion cosmetic dentistry industry now spans the United States, Middle East, South America, and China. The number of cosmetic dentists in the United States increased 16% in 2016 alone. With the explosion of celebrity culture and social media, the importance of personal appearance has rapidly escalated. The high demand for cosmetic dentistry has led to it ...

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44 Favorite Books of High Achievers

Originally Featured In: The people who accomplish the most in life are serious about self-improvement, which often comes in the form of a good book. The people who accomplish the most in life are serious about self-improvement, which often comes in the form of a good book. Here are several dozen excellent reads, recommended by high achieving founders and executives. 1. Crossing the ...

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Study Shows Beautiful Smile Provides High Self-Esteem and SuccessCDA Leads the Way

Originally Featured In: What does a smile mean in today’s very visual world? It literally means everything that means most anything to anyone. San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) June 13, 2017 A smile is right at the very center of an attractive face. According to research, good-looking people have more success in interviews, are hired more rapidly, are more likely to be given raises, and generally ...

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‘Lookism’ Is Prevalent Bias in Certain Professions, Industries

Originally Featured In: Employment bias based on physical appearance is widespread and is even openly stated policy at some workplaces. But in certain circumstances, it can also be illegal. “Lookism—discrimination based on appearance—is a real thing and in my view, a real problem,” Michael S. Cohen, a partner in management-side law firm Duane Morris LLP in Philadelphia, told ...

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A Look at “Diamond” Porcelain Restorations: An Interview with John Moore, Jr., DDS

How did your formal art training help you in dental school? It gave me a tremendous advantage. By the time I got to dental school my eye-hand coordination and motor skills were developed well beyond my peers. Because art in large measure is a study of creating three-dimensional images on two-dimensional media, understanding the tomes of anatomical and dental research, texts and images seemed ...

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Today’s Dentists Must Be Able to Correct Botched Cosmetic Dentistry

First, the good news. The ranks of the cosmetic dentistry profession have swelled. The cosmetic dentistry industry has exploded into a $55 billion industry that spans the United States, Middle East, South America, and even China. The primary driver for this record expansion is, apparently, the quest for perfect beauty. The bar for just about everything—apparel, eyewear, cars, and even ...

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