When the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asked people what they’d most like to improve about their smile, the most common response was whiter teeth. The American Association of Orthodontists also found that nearly 90% of patients request tooth whitening.

But with several different teeth whitening products and services are on the market, very few give long-lasting or satisfying results: while some are damaging to the teeth and gums, others offer a short-term solution that only make teeth somewhat whiter:

  • Teeth whitening pastes and mouthwashes or rinses, the gentlest treatment, good for general dental hygiene but not much for whitening results.
  • Whitening strips, which unlike toothpastes and mouthwashes, are full of peroxides and bleaches, so the results are more noticeable. You may see whiter teeth from the first application but since these strips are full of chemicals you need to be cautious how long you leave them on – sensitivity post-treatment is common but shouldn’t be unbearable.
  • Whitening lights are pretty useless. UV lights usually used in dentist’s offices to speed the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide during whitening, but they do nothing on their own.

Dr. John Moore, Jr., DDS, founder of Cosmetic Dental Associates, says over-the counter treatments are satisfactory for a short-term slight improvement.

“Most people won’t see much difference in the actual whiteness of their teeth unless they use them for a long time or use professionally applied whitening gels. Still, they are a temporary fix.” – Dr. Moore

The most satisfying results come from professional cosmetic dentistry, with prep less veneers offering a non-invasive long-term solution. Made of ultra thin porcelain, matched exactly to the color that is desired and laid right over the teeth, the results are permanent white, movie star quality teeth. Prep less veneers can be adhered to the fronts of the teeth without the removal of healthy tooth enamel. The process is safe, fast, and highly effective.

An increasing need for more aesthetic appeal in the field of dentistry is being observed globally. This has generated the development of a wide range of techniques and procedures that cater to specific needs of the patients. Not all cosmetic dental procedures are equally successful, however. 50% of Dr. Moore’s practice comprises the correction of botched dental jobs.

Dr. Moore advises potential consumers to fully vet their chosen provider when seeking a brighter smile.

What questions does a patient need to ask of a potential cosmetic dentist?

Does the dentist or lab tech have a lab to to make rapid corrections and or color adjustments right with the patient previewing the cosmetic effect. The key question would be, “Can I see the veneers on my teeth before you put them on and how long will it take to make adjustments if needed?”

Next you will definitely want to see the cosmetic dentist’s photos and videos  of the work he says he can do for you. All legitimate cosmetic dentists take photos of their work so ask for them. This will tell you more than you can possibly know about who is going to create a new smile for you that will meet or exceed your expectations. Make sure there are many cases ( the more the better) and that they are the work of the person that is actually going to do the work.

How much experience does your cosmetic dentist have. Too many dentists think the term “Cosmetic Dentistry” is just a marketing term. We have done 10’s of thousands of cosmetic cases for well over 30 years. To this day we are still learning about fascinating new breakthroughs in aesthetics, materials and techniques. As an experienced source of cosmetic dentistry we have learned the most when correcting botched cosmetic cases (almost 50% of our cases). If you can be strong enough to ask these questions, “How many? and How long have you been a cosmetic dentist?” you may well save yourself the experience a repair of a botched case.

What is the best way to select a potential cosmetic dentist?

First check the internet for information about the cosmetic dentist or his office. There you should be able to see their before and after photos, videos of their work and testimonials from their patients. Make sure these are not stock dentists photos and that they are the actual work of the Doctor you want. The more the better because this will clearly show the quality of their work and the amount of their experience. It takes a long time and many successful cases to amass a large collection of great before and afters.

After you find your best candidates the consult is the next step. When you talk to your potential Cosmetic Dentist ask the above questions and see if you like the answers and most of all do you like the dentist. If you do, you’re probably going to do well. If not, then move on to your next candidate.

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