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A Look at “Diamond” Porcelain Restorations: An Interview with John Moore, Jr., DDS

How did your formal art training help you in dental school? It gave me a tremendous advantage. By the time I got to dental school my eye-hand coordination and motor skills were developed well beyond my peers. Because art in large measure is a study of creating three-dimensional images on two-dimensional media, understanding the tomes of anatomical and dental research, texts and images seemed ...

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Today’s Dentists Must Be Able to Correct Botched Cosmetic Dentistry

First, the good news. The ranks of the cosmetic dentistry profession have swelled. The cosmetic dentistry industry has exploded into a $55 billion industry that spans the United States, Middle East, South America, and even China. The primary driver for this record expansion is, apparently, the quest for perfect beauty. The bar for just about everything—apparel, eyewear, cars, and even ...

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