A Beautiful Smile Can Change Your Life [VIDEO]

Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates isn’t just a widely respected authority in the field of dentistry. He’s also a compassionate dentist who understands how an embarrassing smile can impact a person's life. Listen to Dr. Moore talk about why he relates to patients who struggle with insecurities about their dental flaws and what he finds most rewarding about transforming smiles with ...

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Will Invisalign Interfere With Thanksgiving? [QUIZ]

For adults, the decision of whether or not to get braces can be a tough one. It’s even tougher at this time of year when Thanksgiving dinner is just around the corner! No one wants braces to interfere with the glorious buffet of holiday deliciousness!With Invisalign at Cosmetic Dental Associates, you may not have to worry about that! Take a moment to answer these simple questions to see if ...

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5 Ways Dental Implants Make A Better Holiday [BLOG]

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, you’re probably already thinking about the mouth-watering food and the many friendly faces of those you’ll be spending time with this year.Our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates wants to do all we can to make sure missing teeth don’t stand in the way of a wonderful season of celebration!So today, we’re sharing five ways that dental ...

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New Veneers For A New Smile! Part 1 [VIDEO]

Lisa got veneers about twenty years ago, so when her husband needed to improve his smile with veneers, she went to the best of the best in San Antonio.But after seeing her husband’s veneers,Lisa was inspired her to trust Dr. Moore for her second time with this amazingly transformative procedure!Hear more about Lisa’s experience and why she trusts our team at Cosmetic Dental ...

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Spooked By Stained Teeth? Try Teeth Whitening! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanks to our highly-skilled professionals and advanced technology at Cosmetic Dental Associates, you don’t have to be spooked by stained teeth anymore!We offer professional teeth whitening for a brighter, whiter, more attractive smile. Stop hiding your teeth stains and start showing off your pearly whites!Call our San Antonio office today at 210-951-4444 or fill out our online form to ...

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6 Ways To Improve Your Smile This Fall [BLOG]

Every morning is the same. The alarm buzzes, waking you from an awesome dream. You clumsily reach for the nightstand to end the siren of the clock, and you stumble into the bathroom to brush your teeth.In those moments as your eyes are adjusting to the light, you’re reminded of all the flaws that plague your teeth and gums. It’s not something you think about constantly, but you see it ...

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New Veneers For A New Smile! Part 2 [PHOTO]

Last time, we shared Lisa’s story with you about her experience with new veneers at Cosmetic Dental Associates.So today, we wanted to show you the difference veneers can make for a person’s smile. This before and after image is only one of countless success stories from patients who trusted their new and improved smile to our team in San Antonio!Find out if veneers are right for you! ...

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Halloween: A Trick Or A Treat For Your Family’s Teeth? [BLOG]

If you have trick-or-treaters in your house, you’re probably finalizing those last few details to make your family’s Halloween special. You might need to add some finishing touches to a costume or two. You’re all stocked up on empty pumpkin buckets waiting to be filled.Trick-or-treating can be just as fun for the adults, but despite the excitement, every parent has that nagging fear in ...

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Your Life With A Straight Smile [BLOG]

Is your smile full of crooked, crowded, overlapping teeth? Then you know better than anyone the kind of impact it has on your life. We see it firsthand all the time in our San Antonio dental office.Patients come to Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates from all across the country because they want an expert in adult orthodontics. What’s so satisfying for our team is watching the ...

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Oh, No! A Toothache On Halloween?! [BLOG]

You’re all dressed up in a fabulous costume that took weeks to piece together. The decorations have been artfully placed. The sugary treats line the buffet table, and the apple bobbing station is set.All you need now are the guests!Except your first guest is an uninvited one. It’s a toothache. And it’s been nagging at you all day, despite your attempts to remedy it with pain ...

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Permanent Teeth Whitening Eclipses Bleaching Methods

As more people pursue ideal beauty, including that perfect smile, teeth whitening kits are becoming increasingly popular. But over-the-counter products aren’t professionally ...

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A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words

Nicole talks to John Moore, DDS about Cosmetic Dentistry.  They talk about botched dentistry, veneers, how to find the right Cosmetic Dentist, teeth bleaching and ...

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Experts question Yolanda Hadid’s mercury filling claims

On July 22, “Real Housewife” Yolanda Hadid — matriarch of the Hadid brood of supermodels — shared via Instagram that she had undergone a controversial procedure to remove ...

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