Watch Us Work Our Cosmetic Dentistry Magic! [VIDEO]

We’re leading the way for patients all over the country who are ready to give their smiles the best in cosmetic dentistry. They come to Cosmetic Dental Associates to seek the craftsmanship and experience of Dr. Moore and our team in San Antonio, TX. Watch us work our cosmetic dentistry magic in today’s video of a porcelain veneers procedure and understand what keeps pointing hopeful ...

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Take A Well-Rounded Look At Invisalign [BLOG COLLECTION]

People are always surprised to hear about the many advantages of Invisalign because it’s such a different approach to orthodontic treatment. Without brackets and wires on your teeth for a couple of years, how in the world can Invisalign make such a positive difference in your smile? That’s what you’ll find out with today’s blog collection from our team at Cosmetic Dental ...

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Get Your Smile Back In One Visit With Same-Day Smile [BLOG]

Just a few years ago, if you damaged or lost a tooth unexpectedly, any important event you had in the following days, like a picture, a wedding, or a job interview, would have been mortifying. That’s because you’d either be wearing an uncomfortable or a conspicuous temporary restoration while you wait for your follow-up dental appointment to get your permanent crown. Boy, how times have ...

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Here’s Why You’ll Love Our San Antonio Cosmetic Dentist! [VIDEO]

When you’ve finally decided to do something about the problems with your smile, we know exactly the dentist you need. It’s Dr. Moore, a highly-sought cosmetic dentist in San Antonio, TX! When you hear Dr. Moore explain why he’s so passionate about cosmetic dentistry, you’ll understand why patients trust their life-changing dental treatments to him! Your smile deserves the best. ...

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Dental Veneers: Put Your Best Smile Forward! [BLOG]

There’s no better time of year to start the cosmetic dentistry process in San Antonio, TX! At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we offer a variety of dental veneers options to suit your needs, and if you get started now, you’ll have a gorgeous new smile just in time for the busy holiday season that’s fast approaching! Today, we’re sharing some common concerns patients have when they first ...

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Do You See Signs Of Gum Disease? [QUIZ]

Before you dismiss bleeding gums as just a normal part of brushing and flossing, you may want to stop and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, and it also is responsible for a host of dangerous health risks you don’t want to ignore. Our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates wants you to know the signs to look for that gum disease ...

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Hide Past Trauma With Dental Veneers [VIDEO]

Samantha came to Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates when an accident she'd been in resulted in severe dental trauma. Now, she doesn’t trust anyone else with her teeth. In today’s video, you’ll hear why! Samantha explains why she chose dental veneers in our San Antonio, TX practice and why she won’t go anywhere else for her smile needs. Call now at 210-951-4444 or fill out ...

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Your Summer Vacation Stop For Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

Summer tourism hasn’t slowed down just yet, and it’s something we see firsthand at Cosmetic Dental Associates. How? By the influx of tourists visiting our San Antonio, TX dental practice while traveling, all to get the chance to sit down with Dr. Moore to explore cosmetic dentistry solutions they’ve heard so much about! Today, we’re taking a look at dental tourism’s rise in ...

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The Only Teeth Whitening That Works! [BLOG]

There’s a reason consumer teeth whitening kits are such a lucrative industry for manufacturers. And we suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that you’d have to keep purchasing store-brand treatments to even come close to the results you get from a dentist office. Today, our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates is dedicating the blog to the only teeth whitening that works, and, spoiler ...

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Get Remarkable Smile Results With Dental Implants [PHOTO]

You can’t have a healthy mouth without full-functioning teeth that keep your jawbone strong. That’s why so many tooth loss patients choose dental implants at Cosmetic Dental Associates. Drs. Moore and Tostado are some of the finest dentists around, and today, you get to see some of their handiwork! This before and after photo shows the remarkable results of quality dental implants at ...

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