Your Summer Journey Through Cosmetic Dentistry – Part 3 [VIDEO]

In Part 3 of our blog series about your summer journey through cosmetic dentistry, we’re stressing the value of choosing the right dentist for your smile transformation. You’re the one who lives with the results of someone else’s work. And those results are right out in the open for everyone to see. That’s why you need someone who has the experience, the expertise, and the ...

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Will Invisalign Help My Smile? [QUIZ]

You don’t have to wear metal braces to straighten your teeth! That’s because you can rely on Invisalign at Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio, TX! Whether you’ve always felt insecure about your crooked teeth or you’ve only recently noticed that your teeth have shifted a bit as an adult, our comfortable clear aligner therapy has helped countless patients get the straight smile ...

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Give Dad Whiter Teeth For Father’s Day! [BLOG]

We’ve already given you some cosmetic dentistry gift ideas for the special graduate in your life. Today, we’re still focused on the gift of a great smile! This time, though, it’s all about the special fathers out there who deserve a bright, white smile for Father’s Day! Our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio, TX can lighten Dad’s teeth safely and effectively so he ...

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Your Summer Journey Through Cosmetic Dentistry – Part 2 [PHOTO]

There’s something that happens to a patient when they see their new smile for the first time. It’s an unmistakable shift in someone’s eyes, and it’s become quite familiar to Dr. Moore and our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates. We’re talking about that moment when someone who’s probably spent years feeling ashamed and insecure about their teeth light up from within when they see ...

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Graduation Is The Perfect Occasion For Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

This time of year, the job market sees an influx of new candidates seeking to throw their hat in the ring for the first time. That’s because it’s graduation season! Whether you or someone you love will be trading in a cap and gown for business casual over the next few months, you need a beautiful smile to give you the advantage for job interviews. Our team at Cosmetic Dental ...

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4 Reasons To Visit The Dentist This Summer! [INFOGRAPHIC]

As we face another summer, we want to make sure our patients at Cosmetic Dental Associates enjoy the season with a gorgeous, healthy smile. That’s why we’re sharing an infographic with you today that lists four reasons to visit our San Antonio, TX dental office this summer! You can pursue your dream smile, get your oral health back on track, or even just check that next dental cleaning ...

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Am I Prepared For A Dental Emergency? [QUIZ]

Do you know how to react during a dental emergency? You can take today’s quiz, courtesy of our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates, to help you know what to do. Also, make sure you store the contact information to our San Antonio, TX dental office so you’ll have it at your fingertips when you need it most. Keep in mind that if you’ve knocked out a tooth, are having intense dental ...

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Your Summer Journey Through Cosmetic Dentistry – Part 1 [VIDEO]

We’re doing something a bit different with our blog this month at Cosmetic Dental Associates. We’ll still be bringing you inspiring patient testimonials and before and after results, but this time, we’re taking you through a cosmetic dentistry experience in a four-part blog series! Today, Dr. Moore and our team want to start by sharing a firsthand account of someone who, like you, had ...

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Health & Gorgeous Smiles With Full-Mouth Reconstructions [PHOTO]

Even the most devastating oral health problems and smile flaws can be restored when you choose the right team of professionals. At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we don’t just have what it takes to get your oral health back on track. We also have the talented team and technology to make sure your new smile is absolutely stunning with our full-mouth reconstructions. Just like the one in ...

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Why Inlays & Onlays Are Great For Your Smile [BLOG]

Cavities can be big and small, and our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates can choose the best restorative dental treatment that best repairs the extent of the damage to your tooth caused by decay. But what if tooth decay leaves a hole that’s not quite big enough to need a dental crown, yet too big to be helped by a standard dental filling? Inlays and onlays in our San Antonio, TX dental ...

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