Look At The Wow Factor Of Teeth Whitening! [PHOTO]

You could make a quick trip to the nearest drugstore and buy one of the many teeth whitening kits in the oral care aisle. But unfortunately, none of them are capable of putting the wow factor in your smile like professional teeth whitening at Cosmetic Dental Associates! That’s evident from today’s before and after image from our San Antonio, TX smile gallery. To get the results you ...

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Tooth Pain You Can’t Ignore & How To Treat It [BLOG]

Are you trying to carry on day after day despite a growing pain inside your mouth? Trying to avoid extreme hot or cold foods and drinks? Chewing on just one side of your mouth to keep from feeling that sharp, shooting pain in your tooth and jaw? Worse, are you not really able to chew much at all because the pain has become too intense? Okay, enough is enough. It’s time to get help ...

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Tired Of Troublesome Traditional Dentures? [BLOG]

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a better quality of life for yourself than standard removable dentures can offer. That’s what our experts at Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio, TX are here for! We have all the modern tools and advanced training to provide everything you need to live a healthier, more comfortable and satisfying life with strong, secure replacement teeth. Tired Of ...

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Check Out An Invisalign Smile Creation! [VIDEO]

We’re always surprised by how many patients come to us for an orthodontic solution who claim to have been told by another dentist Invisalign won’t work for them. Of course, what always surprises them is how Dr. Moore and our team are able to defy the odds with our advanced techniques and Invisalign expertise! Here’s a look at Invisalign treatment in action so you can check it out for ...

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4 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Don’t make a trip to the drugstore for one of those weak, ineffective teeth whitening kits. Put your smile in the capable hands of Dr. Moore and our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates! Today, we’re sharing an infographic that lists four ways we can whiten your teeth in San Antonio, TX for a bright, healthy-looking smile in 2019 and long after! Find out which whitening method will ...

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Check Out This New Smile After Dental Implants [PHOTO]

Make your resolution for the new year a healthier, more attractive smile with dental implants in San Antonio, TX! If you’re curious about the end results, check out this before and after image from our Cosmetic Dental Associates smile gallery. Clearly, when you put your tooth replacement process in our capable hands, there’s no need to worry about what your smile will look like in the ...

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Can I Improve My Smile With Cosmetic Reshaping? [QUIZ]

Let everyone else sweat it out at the gym for hours on end while you relax in the dental chair to get in shape! At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we offer cosmetic reshaping to smooth out the rough edges of your teeth and restore balance to your smile. Answer a few questions to see if this cosmetic treatment will whip your smile into shape! Call Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio, TX ...

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Veneers & A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Made David A Believer! [VIDEO]

David had many dental problems, but as a parent who needed to put three kids through college, he waited years before he finally let himself focus on his oral health needs. Now, he has a well-deserved beautiful smile thanks to a full-mouth reconstruction, including veneers, at Cosmetic Dental Associates! Hear David talk about how fast his smile transformation was and why it’s turned him ...

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What To Know About New Year’s Eve Cocktails & Your Teeth [BLOG]

In a couple of days, we’ll all be saying goodbye to 2018 and welcoming a new year. If you’re like many people, even if you don’t drink much alcohol in general, you’ll probably have at least one glass of bubbly on New Year’s Eve. That’s why your San Antonio, TX dentist wants to make sure you know how to protect your teeth before you countdown the last moments of the year! New ...

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An Inspiring Look At A Full-Mouth Reconstruction [PHOTO]

If you didn’t get everything on your holiday wish list this year, then our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates thinks you should take fate into your own hands! We want to show you an inspiring look at a full-mouth reconstruction with today’s before and after image from our San Antonio, TX smile gallery. You, too, can start the new year with a fresh start thanks to the wide-ranging ...

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