If you’ve been feeling worn out lately or your head is constantly pounding for no apparent reason, then let our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates help you out!
We can custom-craft a small oral appliance to relieve you of pain, discomfort, and sleep deprivation.
Here are two reasons you should consider coming to our San Antonio, TX dental office to find solutions!

Reason #1: For Your Painful TMJ Disorder

At first, you thought those constant headaches and migraines were caused by stress, or hunger, or a number of other issues.
But after several weeks of trial and error troubleshooting, your painful headaches and other chronic symptoms of discomfort around the head, neck, and jaw persist.
It’s time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates.
Dr. Moores has years of experience treating TMJ disorder, or TMD, which is a condition caused by alignment problems with the hinge that allows you to open and close your mouth.
Along with head pain, it can make you grind your teeth, clench your jaw, feel like you have an earache, make your face and neck muscles tense up, and several other uncomfortable symptoms.
With help from our team in San Antonio, TX, you can find relief and live pain-free thanks to a tiny oral appliance we can make for you right here in our modern dental office.
It’s just one of our treatment options for TMD pain, one that properly positions your jaw while you wear it. This small, comfortable custom mouthguard is worn while you sleep so your jaw can heal from the stress and pressure TMD puts on it day after day.
We offer various other solutions for TMJ disorder, and Dr. Moore and our skilled professionals are happy to help you determine which is right for you!

Reason #2: For Your Sleep Apnea Exhaustion

Dragging your feet all day long because you had a restless night’s sleep is one thing.
Feeling that way day after day is another. It’s a red flag that you’re not getting enough rest, and the reason could be sleep apnea.
This disorder occurs when you’re asleep in a vicious repeating pattern that looks something like this:
-You fall asleep.
-After a few minutes, your airways start to close.
-You begin snoring very loudly as a result of the air obstruction.
-Within minutes, your air cuts off completely, and your body’s survival mode kicks in.
-You wake up in a panic, fight to get air, and start breathing normally again.
-You drift off to sleep again until the next episode minutes later.
The obstruction to your airways has a domino effect of disruptive symptoms, daily fatigue being only one of them!
You need to get help from a professional who knows how to determine if you have sleep apnea and the ways to address it. Your overall health depends on it considering how much all your body’s systems rely on adequate rest!
Dr. Moore can fit you for a custom mouthguard, which is an oral appliance that keeps your upper and lower jaw in the right position so airways remain open while you sleep. This means better sleep, more energy, and a healthier life!

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Are you willing to spend this season sitting through your child’s little league games with an excruciating migraine or dozing off behind the wheel on your way home from work at the end of a long day?
You and your family deserve better than that!
Get relief and rest with a custom oral appliance that will suit your TMD and sleep apnea needs so you can relax and enjoy the season and better health.
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