You’re ready for a new season, a change of pace, and maybe a fresh start.
We have just the solution!
Cosmetic dentistry at Cosmetic Dental Associates is perfect if you’re ready to completely start anew with your smile or if you’re just interested in tiptoeing through the experience to see how it benefits your appearance, your outlook, and your life.
We can help you with any goals you have for a new spring season!

#1 – Tooth Bonding For A Smooth, Polished Smile

If you’re only now beginning to familiarize yourself with present-day cosmetic dentistry, you’ve no doubt recognized some of the treatment options still available today.
Tooth bonding is one of those options, and that’s because it continues to be an easy, affordable way to give your smile a boost.
It really doesn’t take much to make a smile more attractive, yet our patients are often surprised when we recommend bonding. At least at first, many tell us they thought the cosmetic flaws with their teeth surely required much more work to fix!
Using a tooth-colored material, Dr. Moore and our team will fill in the uneven spots of your teeth to cover tiny nicks and chips, and even close small gaps, and then finish it off with a nice polished.
Suddenly, your smile looks madeover!

#2 – Bring Your Smile Back To Life With Dental Veneers

Just like winter casts a cold, dark shadow that calls nature to sleep, your smile will change as the seasons turn.
We’re pretty luck here in San Antonio to avoid the harsh winters others face throughout the country, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the analogy.
It’s true that your smile will slowly dull, darken, and lose its youthful brightness.
The landscape of your teeth also begins to dip and droop in various places from wear and tear.
And we can’t forget life’s unexpected accidents that show up in your smile by way of chips and cracks that compromise your oral health and your appearance.
If you’re really interested in breathing life into your smile, dental veneers are the power source!
Our veneers are designed just for you so they’ll fit comfortably and realistically against your gums. They also replicate a lifelike translucence similar to natural tooth enamel.
Veneers are a transformative treatment option that will do wonders for a smile dulled and worn by life’s changing seasons.

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