When things go wrong with your teeth, it’s hard to go about your daily life. It’s even worse when you injure a tooth or develop a painful oral infection around the holidays.

That’s why we’re sharing three blessings of restorative dentistry in San Antonio!

At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we can fix your teeth and give you back your healthy, glowing smile so you can enjoy the season without pain or embarrassment. 

#1 – End Your Tooth Pain

Your teeth aren’t supposed to hurt, what a terrible time of year for them to be bothering you!

Tooth decay, damage, infection, and sensitivity can create toothaches and pain when you chew, but we can repair your teeth with seamless fillings, dental crowns, and root canal treatment.

#2 – Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Of all the days of the year, Thanksgiving is definitely not the one to be dealing with problems with your teeth. Missing teeth, cavities, or sensitive teeth can all make chewing painful or difficult and that’s not how you want to feel when it’s time to load your plate!

Our restorative services can help you regain full, comfortable oral function so you can enjoy every bite of your holiday dinner!

#3 – Show Off A Confident Smile

Damaged and missing teeth will compel you to hide your smile as much as possible, making it nearly impossible for you to relax in casual and professional settings. You can enjoy yourself and feel confident when you let us restore broken, decayed, or discolored teeth or replace your missing teeth so your smile is complete and radiant.

If you have teeth that need repair, you’ll want to schedule treatment in San Antonio as soon as possible. That will help you live more comfortably and more fully, and that’s especially important during the holidays! Call Cosmetic Dental Associates today at 210-951-4444 for a consultation. You can also schedule online.