For Gum Disease Awareness Month, we’re sharing three simple ways you can lower your risk for gum disease today!
Change isn’t always easy, but with the right motivation and the right team, like ours at Cosmetic Dental Associates, you can have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.
You can also turn poor gum health around with gum disease treatment in our San Antonio dental office!

Change #1: Eat A Healthier Diet!

The best way to win the fight against gum disease is to let your body do what is meant to do and fight it for you!
We’re talking about your immune system. You need it to work at peak performance to do what is designed for, which is keep harmful threats from doing real systemic damage to your body.
One way to make sure it stays strong is to improve your diet to include immunity-boosting foods.
These might include:
-Citrus fruits
-Nuts, especially almonds
-Probiotics like natural yogurt
-Lean proteins
-Calcium from milk, cheese, and other dairy products
-Dark, green vegetables
-Fresh, clean water, and lots of it!
This also means cutting out added sugars, often hiding in refined carbs and highly-processed foods, snacks, and drinks.
With plenty of water and a balanced diet, you can instantly start building up your immune system, strengthen your teeth and gums, and protect yourself from gum disease.

Change #2: Learn To Manage Your Stress!

No matter how well you manage the daily grind of a family, home, and job, you’re still under a great deal of stress.
It’s something we all experience and have to learn to cope with in a healthy way.
When you’re not able to keep stress managed effectively, it can become chronic. At that point, you’ll suffer systemic health problems as a result.
That’s because chronic stress weakens your body’s immunity, so you’re less able to fight off potentially hazardous health threats like gum disease infection.
So here are some tips for managing your stress and keep your immune system functioning properly:
-Lower your sugar intake and eat more natural, nutrient-rich foods.
-Incorporate more physical activity into your daily routine like walking, biking, or even taking the steps at work instead of the elevator.
-Reconnect with good friend so you’ll have a supportive sounding board to vent minor frustrations.
-Seek a professional counselor to help you sort through stressful, ongoing family or work situations.
-Make some time for yourself to pursue hobbies and interests.
-Start a gratitude journal.
-Spend a few minutes each morning and night doing deep breathing and light stretching to clear your mind and wind down from the day’s hectic pace.

Change #3: Stop Smoking!

You’re four times more likely to develop gum disease if you’re a smoker.
The reason your risk increases with tobacco use has to do with the way those products affect your teeth.
The sandy, gritty texture of tobacco that you dip or chew will scratch up your enamel and leave trace damage where bacteria can enter your teeth.
But even without chewing tobacco, your tooth enamel already has microscopic holes in it. That means with every puff of cigarette smoke, you’re letting in harmful chemicals and bacteria to wreak havoc on the vulnerable inside tissues of your mouth.
The point is that smoking and other tobacco use aren’t just putting your overall health at risk, but they make you more likely to suffer from gum disease and tooth loss. Do what you can to kick the habit before it kicks your smile!

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If you thought preventing gum disease was hard, we hope today’s blog has changed your mind!
While we know that some lifestyle changes are easier than others, the takeaway here is that you do have the power to prevent gum disease.
Even making small, slow changes to your diet, stress management, and tobacco use can begin the process of turning your oral health around.
You can also rely on our highly-trained professionals at Cosmetic Dental Associates to administer gum disease treatment to restore gum health after infection has begun developing.
By working together, you can win the battle against gum disease and tooth loss for healthier, more beautiful smile for a lifetime.
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