3 Dental Implant Problems & How To Solve Them [BLOG]

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Almost anyone looking to replace missing teeth has considered dental implants as their first option.

That’s because they’re the best at providing a long-lasting, powerful solution in tooth replacement. They give you the luxury of a full smile again, and they bring the joy back to eating because of all the food you now have the bite strength for!

Implants are titanium screws that go inside your jaw, bond to it, and allow healthy new growth as you wear it.

Then you get an incredibly natural-looking replacement tooth in the form of a dental crown, which we can make ourselves right here in San Antonio so you don’t wear a temporary for the next couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, though, there are a few reasons why some people may not be ready for implants yet.

Our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates is sharing three of them and how to solve them!

*You Have To Wait For Your Teeth & Jaw To Stop Growing*

If you’re a younger patient, such as a high school athlete, who’s just had a tooth knocked out during practice or a game, you may need to rely on a dental bridge. This is a good choice because your teeth, and especially your jaw, may not have stopped growing yet, which would mean a dental implant may not be ideal. You can always come back to replace a crown after a few years so there’s less chance that your implant could shift.

*You’re Missing Several Or All Of Your Teeth*

It’s not practical, or even cost effective, to replace every single missing tooth with a dental implant. Several teeth in a row that need to be replaced can rely on a dental bridge, but implants would be a better solution if you needed total tooth replacement.

Our preferred method is to use our same-day smile technology and in-house lab! Instead of crafting temporary dentures, we can fabricate lifelike replacement teeth and anchor them down with dental implants in a way that suits your needs best!

*You’ve Lost Too Much Bone Mass or Gum Tissue*

While these are probably the most significant obstacles a patient could face when pursuing implant restoration, both are not without innovative solutions of their own.

If too much of your jawbone or gum tissue has deteriorated as a result of tooth loss, you won’t be able to support a dental implant successfully.

We can perform both gum and bone grafts as needed to restore their strength and health so that eventually, dental implants can be a viable option.

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Almost any obstacle you might face in replacing your missing teeth has a solution or alternative so that your mouth can be healthy and your smile beautiful. Our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates wants to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest life, whether that takes dental implants or any other means of completing your smile in our San Antonio practice.

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