In about ten days, you’ll be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner.
After that, it’s a whirlwind of holiday preparations and celebrations, and you won’t want to spend a minute of it feeling embarrassed about your smile.
Your friends at Cosmetic Dental Associates are here to help!

Fast Cosmetic Treatments For A Glamorous Holiday Smile!

Here are three of our quick, effective cosmetic dental treatments in San Antonio that could have you decking the halls with a radiant, gorgeous smile:

*Teeth Whitening*

Our teeth whitening treatments are powerful, safe, and fast! We offer a couple of different in-office options for immediate results, as well as take-home products that are equally as effective in whitening teeth safely and evenly.
This is perhaps the quickest way to give yourself a confidence boost and a sparkling smile for the holidays!

*Dental Bonding*

This technique is like hitting the refresh button on your smile.
If you have slight discoloration, tiny chips or cracks, misshapen teeth, or small gaps, we can cover those imperfections with a tooth-colored resin and shape it to your desired preference. After Dr. Moore artfully sculpts your teeth and you’re happy with the look, we’ll dry and polish the bonding material so your smile looks luminous and youthful again!

*Prepless Veneers*

Prepless veneers are stronger and longer lasting than bonding. They conceal a variety of teeth flaws that are a bit too significant for bonding, and they resist stains so you can always have confidence about the color of your teeth.
Another great advantage of prepless veneers is that you don’t have to make any permanent changes to your tooth enamel to prepare them for placement! These are incredibly thin, although surprisingly strong, and can fit nicely over imperfect teeth thanks to our meticulous preparations in designing your custom veneers.

Maintain Your Beautiful Smile In 2020!

Once you upgrade your smile, one that looks bright, healthy, and flawless, you’ll want to maintain it for as long as possible.
The cosmetic dental treatment you choose now will determine the best way to do that moving forward.
Teeth whitening treatment is something you can repeat as needed with one quick office visit. Or you can keep your teeth white on your own time with a customized take-home kit.
Dental bonding is a little different. It will last anywhere from two or three years, to as long as ten years, depending on the extent of the work done and how well you take care of your teeth overall. It can resist stains somewhat, although not as well as veneers and other restorations.
Bonding can be touched up or replaced, but it’s normally reserved as a temporary solution, which is something you can discuss with Dr. Moore at your consultation. He may determine that veneers are a better option, depending on your current dental needs, smile goals, and long-term desires for your teeth and dental health.

Why Wait? Call Today To Get Started!

Thanks to our advanced technology, in-house lab, and the extraordinary skill and talent of Dr. Moore, you don’t have to wait to have the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted.
Get started today, and you could possibly have that in time for the holidays!
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