Even though you’re not looking forward to oral surgery, you’ve nonetheless accepted the fact that it’s your best option to keep your dental health on track.
And you’re grateful that your procedure will be in the hands of our expert dentist, Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio, TX.
Your oral surgery has been scheduled, and now you’re thinking about preparing for the recovery period.
We believe patients have more successful outcomes when they take a natural approach to their total dental health, so we’re here to give you some pointers!

3 Tips For Natural Home Healing After Oral Surgery

Here are three tips for natural home healing after your oral surgery so that your recovery is smooth and relaxing!

*Fight Bad Bacteria With Good Bacteria*

Gut health is becoming more and more a topic of conversation among health experts as an essential component of total wellness. To improve gut health, you want to fight bad bacteria with good bacteria by taking a probiotic. It helps strengthen your immune system, improves nutritional absorption, and aids digestion.
More work needs to be done to see the full scope of the benefits of probiotics, but early studies have revealed probiotics can fight infection and reduce systemic inflammation, both of which are huge advantages to your dental health!

*Rely On Vitamins To Boost Your Immunity*

Vitamin D has many health benefits, including helping your immune system stay regulated. Along with that, it leads to stronger bones, which is a great perk for your oral health!
Recent studies have also shown a connection between an increased risk for upper respiratory infections and a vitamin D deficiency. Research even suggests that vitamin D may be a factor in impeding cancer cell growth.
By getting more vitamin D, you’re boosting immunity, which can help your body recover after oral surgery.
Another way to boost your immune system is by getting plenty of vitamin C, something you may already take in supplement form to ward off colds and other seasonal sniffles.

*Add Epsom Salt To Your Bath*

Oral surgery isn’t something you hoped would happen, but the silver lining could be that you now have an excuse to escape the busy day-to-day and force yourself to slow down and relax.
In fact, getting plenty of rest is one of the most important things you can do to help your body recuperate after any type of surgery. Without it, you may experience weaker immunity and more systemic inflammation.
One way you can promote better sleep during recovery is to add epsom salt to a hot bath before you go to bed. Enjoy the soothing bath with essential oils or by lighting aromatherapy candles to enhance relaxation!
When you take time to care for yourself like this, you reduce stress and optimize your body’s natural healing properties!

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You’re already at an advantage when you put your oral surgery in the hands of expert dentist, Dr. Moore, and our skilled team. We used advanced tools and techniques that allow us to perform safe, comfortable, and effective surgical procedures that already ensure more successful outcome and fast healing.
But with today’s tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a smoother recovery and promote better healing.
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