As we close out Gum Disease Awareness Month, your friends at Cosmetic Dental Associates wants to remind you of the importance of healthy gums.
Your smile isn’t just about strong, beautiful teeth. Your gums are the foundation, literally, of your smile and taking care of them not only preserves your appearance, but also your health, so treating them well is a win-win!

3 Ways To Give Your Gums The Star Treatment

Thanks to our expertise and technology, we offer modern solutions for gum health and cosmetic problems that are more efficient and comfortable than you might imagine.
Here are three examples of how we can give your gums the star treatment in San Antonio:

*Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatment*

Obviously, the most important treatment your gums could ever need is gum disease treatment. Not only is it the leading cause of tooth loss, but it’s dangerous if the infection enters your bloodstream and spreads to the rest of your body.
So we’ll evaluate your gum health first. It could be that the reason your gums don’t look very good is because of common symptoms like redness, swelling, recession, and sores caused by the bacterial infection.
Fortunately, Dr. Moore can remedy this without surgery!
With a modern dental laser, he can remove infected tissue without cutting or stitching. Then he’ll provide a deep cleaning called scaling and root planing that smooths out the damaged tissues over your roots so it’s hard for bacteria to collect there in the future.

*Gum Reshaping*

If you have a gummy smile, you’d know it, even if you’d never heard it described that way before. Seeing yourself in the mirror or in photos and noticing how small your teeth look or how prominent your gums are doesn’t have to make you feel self-conscious anymore, though.
We can expose more of the surfaces of your teeth by adjusting the position of your gumline with gum reshaping. It’s an easy cosmetic solution involving a soft-tissue dental laser. Using this method, Dr. Moore can improve the balance of your teeth and gums so your smile looks more even and attractive, all without cutting or stitching!

*Gum Depigmentation*

Smoking, medications, and genetics are all common causes of discolored gums. If periodontal infection isn’t behind it, then dark spots on your gums could likely be due to one of those factors. While you can stop smoking to improve the look of your gums, as well as your oral and overall health, you can’t always choose to switch or stop certain medications. And genetics, well, you don’t have much choice, there, either!
Regardless, our gum depigmentation can lighten the color of your gum tissues in a safe way that doesn’t require any cutting, stitching, or even lasers, for a more attractive, healthier-looking smile!

Treat Your Gums Well In San Antonio!

Not everything is about your teeth. The health, position, and color of your gums are all important parts of your smile, and you have to treat them well if you want a healthy mouth, strong teeth, and an attractive smile you’re proud to share.
That’s why you should trust our modern technology and techniques to restore unhealthy, overwhelming, or even discolored gums in San Antonio, TX.
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