In the San Antonio, TX area, there’s only place you should trust for solutions to your crooked teeth.
Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates is a highly-respected authority on adult orthodontic treatments that give you a faster, less noticeable alternative to metal braces.
Today, we’re giving you four problems that crooked teeth can cause and reminding you where to turn when you’re ready to straighten those problems out!

#1 – Crooked Teeth Can Make Your Mouth Unhealthy

It’s not easy to keep the straightest teeth healthy, let alone crooked teeth.
That’s because sugary particles from your food and drinks will stick around or get lodged in places that are pretty hard to reach unless you’re really diligent about daily brushing and flossing.
Crowded, overlapping teeth make that even more challenging because you have many more spaces that particles and debris can hide and be used as a power source for bad bacteria.

#2 – Crooked Teeth Can Cause TMJ Problems

Straightening your teeth isn’t just an aesthetic advantage. It’s also about function.
Overlapping, overcrowded teeth can be problematic by how they impact the functionality of your temporomandibular joint, or your TMJ.
When the alignment of your teeth is off, even slightly, it can aggravate your TMJ and result in painful tension in your jaw, face, neck, and shoulders.

#3 – Crooked Teeth Are More Vulnerable To Wear

Many people don’t realize how important it is for your upper and lower teeth to meet properly. The reason it creates a problem when they don’t line up the way they should is because it makes your teeth more vulnerable to wear over time.
It creates clenching and grinding that can chip and wear down your tooth enamel, creating unsightly cosmetic issues with your smile, as well as threatening your oral health because of those weak spots.

#4 – Crooked Teeth Make You Feel Unattractive & Insecure

An attractive smile is one of the biggest factors in whether your first impressions on others are positive or negative.
In fact, some studies even show straight teeth can shape people’s presumptions about your level of intelligence, capabilities, and accomplishments!
Now, that may sound a bit unfair, but we all know the kind of value our society places on aesthetics. It’s just more proof of how important a great-looking smile is, fair or not.
While you’re more than what your smile says or suggests about you, everyone deserves one that makes them feel good about themselves, and that includes you!

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Unfortunately, the problems caused by crooked teeth don’t end there.
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