You’ve heard before that when it comes to your health, you are your best advocate.
That’s why we want to stress the importance of early detection and treatment at the first sign of a dental problem.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore A Toothache

Pain is usually one of those early warning signs, so our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates is giving you four reasons why shouldn’t ignore a toothache.

#1 – Bacterial Infection

We want to put this one at the top because the consequences of ignoring it are too serious.
A bacterial infection inside your mouth, sometimes made noticeable initially through intense pain, can get into your bloodstream.
Once that happens, the infection can spread throughout your entire body, and this is incredibly dangerous.
Never assume tooth pain will just go away on its own. Even waiting a day or two can have potentially fatal consequences.
Another consequence of bacterial infection that’s serious, although not as dire as a bodily infection, is tooth loss. If bacteria forms into an abscess around or inside a tooth can not only be really painful, but it can also lead to a possible extraction if the tooth can’t be saved otherwise.

#2 – Tooth Decay & Cavities

You should never assume that you’ll know you have tooth decay or a cavity forming inside your mouth. That’s because they don’t always use pain to let you know there’s a problem.
But sometimes they do!
That’s why you should get it treated while the problem is small enough to deal with using a simple dental filling.
If given time to grow, a cavity can become too large for a standard filling, and you’d be stuck needing a more costly dental crown. Letting tooth decay go untreated can also lead to tooth extraction if there isn’t enough healthy enamel to save it.
Then you’re talking about tooth replacement, which is something you want to avoid as much as possible.

#3 – A Dental Injury

This one may seem obvious. After all, if you had a tooth that suffered damage as a result of an accident or injury, you’d know it, right?
Not necessarily.
Although an injury can chip, crack, or break a tooth, it is possible to fracture a tooth without any evidence, at least not evidence you can spot without an intraoral camera.
Even the tiniest of fractures on your tooth enamel can be a wide open door for microscopic bacteria. If able to penetrate your enamel and get inside a tooth, bacteria can cause all sorts of problems that can result in a toothache.
That’s another good reason to always reach out to us when you’re experiencing pain in your mouth. Better to be safe than sorry!

#4 – Developing Gum Disease

If you thought gum disease only affected gums, think again!
Gum disease is actually the number one cause of adult tooth loss, which is why you should never assume you’re safe from this insidious health problem.
Insidious is a great word to use here because gum disease isn’t something that develops overnight. It creeps in slowly over time with little to no detectable symptoms, except by a dental professional with the right tools and training.
In its early stages, however, you may notice some red flags. Pain is one of them.
What feels like a toothache may actually be coming from pain, swelling, or sores in and around your gums.
The best way to prevent gum disease outside of daily brushing and flossing is to schedule regular dental cleanings and exams twice a year. That way we can catch it early enough to put it in reverse.
If your pain is being caused by advancing gum disease, you should see us right away to avoid potential tooth loss.

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Whether your tooth pain is constant or only comes around here and there throughout the day, you should never ignore it.
There are too many potential oral health risks that could be causing a toothache for you to prolong or avoid getting treatment.
Our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates want you to err on the side of caution and get in touch with us when you experience tooth pain. That way we can get you out of pain quickly and prevent the dental problem from becoming worse.
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