Because almost all of us had to shelter in place for the last several months, most spring vacation plans had to be put on hold.
Now that restrictions are being slowly lifted across the country, people are excitedly making travel plans for summer.
That can be tricky for anyone suffering from sleep apnea, but your San Antonio dentist can make a custom oral device to ease your symptoms!
Here are five reasons to consider using a mouthguard while you sleep over a CPAP machine this time of year:

  1. An oral device fits in the palm of your hand, which means it’s much easier to pack when you travel.
  2. It’s a quiet form of sleep apnea treatment, unlike often noisy CPAP machines.
  3. While wearing a mouthguard, you’re able to breathe easily without snoring loudly and keeping your family up all night.
  4. Since the oral device allows you to sleep peacefully, you’ll feel energized enough to enjoy sightseeing and other adventures.
  5. You’ll be more rested and alert, which is safer for everyone in your family if you plan on spending a lot of time behind the wheel as you travel.

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