Keeping teeth healthy can be especially tough during the holidays. There’s an abundance of sugary treats, along with disrupted routines and other challenges. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult though. 

Our oral care tips should help:

  • Drink Lots of Water – Drinking plenty of water is especially important this time of the year. It helps rinse harmful substances away from your teeth, before they can do any lasting damage. Unlike soda and other drinks, water is free of the sugars and acids that are harmful to teeth. Plus, staying hydrated is good for your overall health too. 
  • Use Teeth for Eating Food, Not Opening Presents – Over the years, we’ve repaired teeth that have been damaged during the excitement of opening gifts. Don’t use yours to rip off price tags or tear into packaging. And don’t bite down on nutshells, popcorn kernels, ice, or other hard substances. 
  • Don’t Let Travel Take You Out of Your Routine – If you wear a mouthguard for teeth grinding or sleep apnea, make sure you bring it with you. Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste where you can easily get to them. That way you’ll be able to clean teeth even if you experience a travel delay or other disruption. In a pinch, you can suck on sugar-free candy or sugar-free gum. This stimulates saliva, which can help keep teeth clean. Look for candy or gum with xylitol, an ingredient with natural cavity-fighting properties. 
  • Make Smart Food Choices – Choose teeth-friendly foods like lean proteins, cheese, and vegetables. Cut back on sugar when you can. For example, omit the marshmallow topping with sweet potatoes. Choose pumpkin instead of more sugary kinds of pie – and skip the whipped cream. 
  • Indulge in Chocolate, Not Sticky Treats – If you’ve got a sweet tooth, it’s safe to indulge it with chocolate. It melts quickly in your mouth and washes away from teeth. Pass on sticky treats like candy canes or caramels. They get into spots where they are difficult to remove and cling to your teeth. 

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