Invisalign is a popular method for aligning teeth because it’s practically invisible, but there is another huge perk that Invisalign wearers love: the permission to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Because the clear aligners are easily removed, your diet is not restricted. You can eat the popcorn and pizza and apples and steak without worrying about doing damage to the wires and brackets of traditional metal braces. There are, of course, some eating habits that you will be wise to avoid while wearing Invisalign so that you don’t compromise the progress of your treatment or damage your Invisalign aligners.
1. Minimize coffee consumption.
Some people get by on one or two cups of coffee with breakfast every morning. Other java drinkers need a steady caffeine fix throughout the day. This habit, however, will have to be broken. Drinking coffee all day long could quickly and easily discolor your Invisalign aligners. Water is the only beverage you should drink while wearing Invisalign.
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2. Plan your meals.
You don’t need to know ahead of time what you will be eating for every meal, but you do need to know when you’ll be eating and for how long. Invisalign needs to be worn 20 to 22 hours a day. Keep tabs on the amount of time that Invisalign is out of your mouth so that you keep up with the 20 hours minimum of daily wear.
3. Keep snacking to a minimum.
Invisalign makes wearers far more mindful of every morsel they put in their mouths. As a result, an unexpected and happy side effect for many people is dropping a few pounds while wearing Invisalign. They are much more thoughtful about their food choices, which is good for your teeth and your health!
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4. Say goodbye to gum.

It might seem like gum is feasible with Invisalign because the aligners are so smooth and comfortable, but you’re asking for trouble if you chew gum. The sticky gum will stick to your aligners and damage them because of the constant chewing motion that causes the aligners to rub against your teeth and each other.
5. No eating while wearing aligners.
Your teeth are super strong, and when they chew food they demolish. If this force is activated while you’re wearing Invisalign, the aligners could become cracked, stained, messy, or damaged in other ways. Don’t be tempted to have “just a little nibble” with the aligners in or think that a soft food can’t possibly hurt the aligners. You’ll have to clean your Invisalign anyway so, if you must eat something, indulge with your aligners out.
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6. Keep on brushing.
While it’s easy to keep up with brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once daily when wearing Invisalign because the aligners are removable, it’s important to clean your teeth in between removing and replacing the aligners too. After every meal, try to brush your teeth or, at the very least, rinse them thoroughly with water if a better option isn’t available. Invisalign hugs your teeth – you don’t want any food or bacteria to fester in there for hours at a time. Keeping your teeth clean and Invisalign clean prevents cavities from forming and keeps your aligners in tip-top shape.
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