Has time cast a dark shadow over your smile?
If your once bright smile has lost its youthful luster, it’s time to visit Dr. John A. Moore, Jr. at Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio, TX!
Today, we’re talking about Lumineers, one of our life-changing cosmetic solutions for a smile that’s seen better days.

7 Ways To Brighten Your Smile With Lumineers!

Dr. Moore and our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates are extensively trained and experienced in blending science and artistry to design gorgeous smiles. We have the special certification to create custom Lumineers for our patients, and here are seven ways these little wonders will brighten up your smile!

*They Get Your Teeth In Shape*

You might have a nice smile for the most part, but all it takes is that one problem tooth to make you feel insecure because it’s shorter, longer, or pointier than all the rest.
Lumineers are bonded over your misshapen teeth so your overall smile is more even, balanced, and beautiful.

*They Whiten Teeth In An Instant*

After years of that morning cup of coffee or the occasional glass of red wine, we might all notice a darkness slowly set in on our teeth.
Lumineers, as their name suggests, bring new light to your smile, whitening your teeth in an instant!

*They Hide Minor Damage*

Over time, you may start to notice wear and tear on your teeth, particularly on the surfaces from years of biting and chewing.
With Lumineers, you can hide small cracks, chips, dents, and dings on your tooth enamel, turning back the clock and restoring your smile’s youthful glow.

*They Straighten Up Your Smile*

You don’t have to wear braces for the next two years to have the straight smile you want.
Lumineers can be placed over crooked, crowded, or unevenly-spaced teeth to make it appear as though you just completed extensive orthodontic treatment!

*They’re A Painless Cosmetic Solution*

Placing your custom Lumineers is virtually painless because they’re often reserved for patients who don’t require much, if any, etching to their tooth enamel. Even then, you don’t hold any nerve endings in your enamel, so any modifications to it wouldn’t result in hours of discomfort in the dental chair like some people might assume.

*They Transform Your Smile Faster*

For over a decade, Dr. Moore and our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates have been transforming smiles from all around with Lumineers. Because they require little-to-no modification of your tooth enamel, they’re a faster way to a great new smile for our San Antonio, TX patients.

*They Light Up Your Smile From The Inside*

As easy as this cosmetic process is, you’d think the end results, while attractive, would be subtle.
But actually, Lumineers look magnificent on the outside, and can leave you feeling on top of the world because of your bright, beautiful new smile. That confidence will light you up from the inside and make it impossible for you to want to hide your smile ever again!

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Don’t let darkness fall on your smile and self-esteem!
Makeover your smile painlessly, quickly, and dramatically with Lumineers at Cosmetic Dental Associates.
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