A Cosmetic Dentist in San Antonio can Help Patients Get the Smile They Want

A smile is the single most understood expression a human can make. It crosses all boundaries and is not segregated by class or language. A smile has the power to unite, to impress, to inspire and to mend.

So it’s no surprise that people would turn to cosmetic dentistry to fix a smile that is perceived to be less than beaming. The most common form of cosmetic dentistry is tooth whitening. During this procedure, the teeth are gently polished with pumice before a bleaching solution is applied to the front of them. The teeth are subjected to heat in order to activate the whitening agent, and the end result is a smile that is several shades whiter.

Another common procedure involves correcting a diastema, which is a gap in the teeth. A porcelain veneer is fitted to cover the gap, or a crown is used. Typically, this procedure is done relative to the two front teeth in the center, but similar treatment can be used to fix other gaps as well. Braces like Invisalign are also common among adults who want to align crooked teeth or fill out small spaces. Some patients even seek cosmetic dentists to replace teeth that were damaged or destroyed in accidents and typically, a bridge is used to fill in the space.

Great cosmetic dentists are easy to find in large cities and we at Cosmetic Dental Associates have the best care in the San Antonio area. If one is curious about a procedure, free consultations are always available, and before and after photos can provide a good idea of what to expect after work is done. A rejuvenated smile will restore an individual’s confidence and self-esteem and with a superior cosmetic dentist in San Antonio, anyone can have the shiny white teeth that they are looking for.

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