This exciting new trend in the dental industry is an innovative solution for cosmetic dental bonding. This dental tactic creates a brighter smile without the need for anesthesia, tooth shaving, or mouth and gum pain. Your dentist will use a tool which is extremely thin (.33mm) patented porcelain known as Cerinate, which  creates a robust yet stain resistance tooth surface. Cerinate bonds teeth together naturally, hiding broken teeth and worn down teeth along with large gaps.
With proper care this dental solution can last up to 20 years with proper care. Lumineers are crafted for a custom fit and effectively hides preexisting discoloration, gaps, and damaged teeth. Lumineers have been shown to provide a convenient and easy solution for cosmetic enhancement.
Lumineers are a great match if you are experiencing any of the following:
Enamel discoloration – The enamel matter found around your teeth provides vital protection from foreign bacteria and decay. Over time your tooth’s enamel can wear and become stained.
Erosion and fractures – As we age our teeth naturally become dull and wear down from the years of chewing. This vulnerability to cracks and chips creates a corrosive, uneven appearance.
Unsymmetrical spacing – Uneven teeth placement can be an inevitable consequence of genetics or larger unpredictable occurrences.
Grinding – Nightly grinding is a common habit that can lead to sever erosion if left unattended to. Asymmetrical teeth and jaw align problems can be exacerbated through grinding.
If you want to schedule a consultation to learn if our Lumineers solution is the right option for your dental plan, please contact a Cosmetic Dental Associate today.