If you’re missing one or several teeth because of injury, improper oral care or any extraneous circumstance than a dental bridge is an ideal solution. This dental procedure is a common, affordable low-risk treatment for patients with missing teeth. ‘Dental bridge’ gets its’ name from the nature of the procedure in that it bridges the gap between missing teeth. Thankfully with today’s dental technology and material advances, dental bridges are essentially indistinguishable from surrounding natural teeth.
Aesthetic Benefits
A person’s smile is the first facial feature most people notice when engaging in conversation, and missing teeth may instill the wrong impression, especially if you’re trying to advance your career. By leveraging the power of dental bridges every person can dramatically improve their smile helping to make a stronger and longer lasting impression. A person can look years younger by replacing gruesome teeth and/or missing teeth.
Many patients will experience improved facial structures after their dental bridge procedure. Since the lips and cheeks tend to droop and sag in attempts to fill any missing spaces in a person’s smile. Dental bridges solve this problem helping to foster a fuller, shapelier smile.
Other oral benefits:
• Prevent the movement of remaining teeth
• Improve bite problems and problems with speech
• Reduce the risk of bone loss, periodontal disease, and tooth decay
• Extremely durable and long lasting solution
If a dental bridge procedure sounds like something you could benefit from, please contact Cosmetic Dental Associates for more information and/or to schedule a consultation.