Believe it or not, you don’t have to medicate yourself to get through a dental appointment.
At Cosmetic Dental Associates, you can overcome dental anxiety and restore your oral health without sedation techniques that might put you at risk for other complications.
Today, you’ll learn more about alternatives to dental sedation so you can get past your fear and discomfort about dental care for good!

Dental Sedation Isn’t The Only Solution For Anxiety

Our dental staff in San Antonio, TX completely understand how you feel. We’ve been practicing dentistry long enough to know that more often than not, your dental anxiety at its core comes from:
*Fear of judgement about your oral health
*Fear of painful treatment
*Fear of not being the one in control during treatment
*Fear of being rushed, not being heard, or even listened to by a dental staff
We don’t believe that medications used for sedation dentistry are the best solution to ease your anxiety. All it does, in our experience, is keep you powerless when it comes to your oral health.
Our team would rather empower you by building your confidence with our no-fear, sedation-free approach.
Of course, we use local anesthesia to numb the area we’ll be treating so you don’t feel any pain, but beyond that, we want you to feel in control of your mind and body at all times because we know it’s the best way to build your confidence over time.

Our Alternative Approach To Relieving Dental Anxiety

You deserve more than just a band-aid for your dental anxiety, and that’s often all you get with a sedation strategy.
You may get the dental treatment you need at that time, but sedatives on their own will do little to get to the source of your fears and help you overcome those mental roadblocks to better oral health.
What our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates finds more effective is an alternative approach to easing your mind about dental care.
Here are the methods we find most safe and effective in helping you relax:
*Giving you more time and attention during appointments
*Explaining fully every step of your procedure so you know ahead of time what will happen
*Offering various comfort items like blankets and pillows
*Local anesthetic and a highly-skilled, gentle touch during every procedure
We believe our commitment to helping ease your mind and make you more comfortable is safer than relying on sedatives, but more than that, is a more effective way to build your confidence about coming to the dentist on a regular basis to keep your mouth healthy. This way, you are the one in control, not medication.

Find Out How We Can Help!

There’s always risk involved when relying on dental sedation to calm patients’ fears, but with our gentle, no-fear approach to treatment, there’s no risk to you whatsoever.
Instead, you will begin to experience dental care in a whole new way without having to subject yourself to tranquilizing medications. The ultimate result is a growing confidence in maintaining routine professional dental checkups and a healthier mouth for the rest of your life!
To learn more about our no-fear dentistry, call our San Antonio, TX practice today at 210-361-2110 (Medical Center) 210-361-2330 (Alamo Ranch) 210-934-8188 (Stone Oak) or fill out our online form to request an appointment.