What is it they say about an ounce of prevention? At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we want to help keep your family’s teeth clean and healthy. For the little ones, it’s about teaching them to brush their teeth properly and learning the value of good oral hygiene. Let us give you a few suggestions on teaching your children the proper way to brush and how to make it fun.
Initially, most small children are a bit leery about taking a brush and raking it over their little teeth. The key is to get them to “want” to brush their teeth. The best way to begin is by letting your kids pick out a tooth brush they want. They will enjoy picking a tooth brush with their favorite cartoon character or favorite color. You should find a flavor of tooth paste they like as well. Next, let your child watch you as you brush your teeth. You should express to them how much you enjoy the process and make sure you show them the proper techniques. Now you can place your hand on their hand and show them how to use the up and down motion as they brush all their teeth from front to back. Finally, let them have a quick rinse and you’re done.
It is crucial that your kids are taught the importance of brushing after every meal and before bedtime. If the process becomes a habit for them, it will be second nature and will reduce the likelihood that they forget or develop bad habits later. You should always reinforce their efforts, as kids respond to praise. Make brushing a family event that is fun and your kids will have healthy teeth that require minimal dental maintenance as they grow. And remember, when your kids do need a checkup or get a cavity, our San Antonio dental practice will always do our part to provide your kids with pretty smiles and healthy teeth.