Now that the 4th of July celebrations have ended, it’s time to turn the focus on your own freedom and independence!
At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we offer diverse, modern cosmetic dentistry solutions that will help you break free from all the embarrassment and anxiety that make you want to hide your smile.

Be Free To Smile This July With Cosmetic Dentistry

If your insecurity about your how your teeth and gums look, you’ve probably been living in a self-imposed isolation for fear of being judged for your unsightly smile.
It’s time to liberate yourself!
Here are just a few of the many cosmetic dentistry options you’ll find in our San Antonio, TX dental office that will help you feel free to smile with pride wherever you go!

*Sparkle With Teeth Whitening*

It’s the time of year for fireworks that sparkle and shine, so why not see the same glowing radiance in your smile?
Our professional teeth whitening can safely lighten your teeth several shades thanks to our powerful, fast-acting treatment here in San Antonio!
It’s a simple solution that makes a huge difference for your smile and self-confidence!

*Give Teeth A Fresh Start With Bonding*

You can start fresh after years of nicks, chips, and stains with tooth bonding. This cosmetic solution also closes gaps and reshapes awkward teeth that appear out of place compared to the rest. The resin used with this method is applied to your teeth, dried, and then polished for a more flawless, youthful smile!

*Embrace Balance With Gum Reshaping*

When you flash your smile, your teeth should get the most attention. For some, that’s impossible because of excess gum tissue that steals the spotlight and shortens the appearance of your teeth.
Gum reshaping will move your gumline up to where it belongs so you can have a more uniform, balanced smile.

*Wow Every Crowd With Dental Veneers*

Customized of the finest luminescent material, your dental veneers will mask all sorts of unsightly flaws and minor enamel damage from stains to cracks to misshapen teeth.
It’s a way to transform your smile, making it brighter, straighter, and more sophisticated for up to two decades or more. You’ll wow the crowd with dental veneers from Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates!

Call Now For A Consultation!

You just celebrated freedom on a national level.
Now it’s time to celebrate freedom in a way that’s much closer to home by getting a smile you’ll love to see staring back at you in the mirror everyday!
Find out which of our cosmetic treatments will give you that! Call our San Antonio office today at 210-951-4444 (Medical Center) 210-942-5047 (Alamo Ranch) 210-934-8188 (Stone Oak) or fill out our online form for an appointment.