Be More Kissable This Valentine’s Day: 3 Speedy Smile Makeover Solutions

boxer-e1288041403802Red, pink, chocolate, flowers, and hearts are all Valentine’s Day ingredients, but so is a flawless white smile. If you’re not flashing a grin that you’re proud of, then your love life may be suffering as a result. Think about it: You want to kiss someone you’re attracted to, but when the person you’re interested in is sporting a broken-down, stained, unattractive smile, the last thing you care to do is get up close and personal. Or maybe you can’t even allow yourself to fall in love with someone who has such an unappealing set of teeth. A smile makeover isn’t hard to achieve – there are plenty of speedy solutions that will have a brand new you ready to smile on your next date.

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1. Teeth Whitening

One of the fastest and most popular ways to transform your smile, teeth whitening removes the dirt and debris on the surface of teeth. Over the years, tooth enamel becomes worn down, more transparent, and full of micro-cracks. When these cracks fill up with stains, your teeth become dull, and that’s just about the time people start to say, “I think I need to whiten my teeth.” So what are you waiting for? The highly concentrated peroxide gel is applied to your teeth in the dentist’s office – taking care that people with sensitive gums are not irritated by the treatment – and permitted to sit on the teeth for 15-minute intervals. The result? A bright, white, memorable smile – in a good way, as long as you keep up with preventive care and go easy on the dark-colored foods and beverages.

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2. Prepless Veneers

Veneers are a life-changing cosmetic dentistry procedure, transforming marred teeth into a stunning, beautiful smile by straightening, whitening, lengthening, and shaping them all at the same time. Even better than traditional veneers are prepless veneers, a less-invasive cosmetic dentistry method that offers amazing results without the time commitment. Prepless veneers don’t require any special prepping of your teeth. And, when you visit a dentist who operates an on-site dental lab, prepless veneers become one of the most effective cosmetic dentistry options available. You don’t have to wait weeks for your veneers to be prepared for you and, once your veneers are ready, if they’re not quite right, it takes only moments for your dentist to walk down the hall and edit the size, color, or shape to fit just right.

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3. Teeth Cleaning

You can brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, and avoid bad habits and teeth-destroying foods. But nothing compares to the strength of a professional teeth cleaning. And if you’re looking for a way to brighten up your smile quickly before that first date, important date, or anniversary date, a professional cleaning can do the trick. Your teeth will not only be shinier and cleaner, they’ll just feel better – smooth and immaculate. And when you know your smile looks good, you’ll feel that much more confident about yourself and your lovableness.

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