Do you ever get the feeling that all people are looking at when they’re speaking to you are your stained, damaged, or oddly-shaped teeth?
Do you ever hear someone say, “Oh, quick, let’s get a picture together!” and immediately feel the urge to find the nearest escape route?
Then you’re in luck!
We perform all sorts of cosmetic dentistry services in San Antonio, from teeth whitening to total smile makeovers, so you never have to feel that way again!
The treatment you choose will all depend on the reasons you don’t like the way your smile looks, from the color, shape, size, or position of your teeth to problems with your gumline.
Whatever the issue, our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates can provide the right solution.
But what if you have multiple cosmetic problems with your teeth?
Then we turn our attention to dental veneers!
They’re perfectly designed to fit over your dental flaws, bonding firmly and comfortably to your problem teeth, protecting them from future damage, and resisting stains for as long as twenty years or more!
Veneers can hide:

  • Teeth stains and discoloration
  • Chipped, cracked, or nicked tooth enamel
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Slightly crooked or overlapping teeth
  • Small gaps between teeth

In other words, dental veneers can be used to dramatically improve your smile, even in the face of multiple, seemingly overwhelming, teeth imperfections!

Some Extraordinary Benefits Of Dental Veneers

Because of the versatility of dental veneers, we need to go a bit deeper into the specific advantages of this smile strategy than to just tell you you’ll have a beautiful smile at the end of treatment.
So here are some extraordinary benefits of dental veneers in San Antonio:


You can’t get by with a one-size-fits-all solution in cosmetic dentistry.
Because your results demand precision, comfort, and a natural-looking appearance, Dr. Moore takes careful steps during the veneers process to fully customize your treatment.
From making sure you’re in good oral health, to discussing and creating your dream smile, to the actual placement of your dental veneers, every step is completely catered to your needs and goals!


Every patient is unique, which means that every veneers process is going to differ from one person to the next. Due to the customization involved in creating your dental veneers, you may require more or less prep work than someone else.
We offer different types of veneers, some that don’t necessitate any modification to your natural tooth enamel before we place them, some that require only minimal etching, and some that need a bit more before placement.
But regardless of how much, or how little, preparation your own teeth need during the planning stages, veneers are a fast cosmetic solution!
We’re only talking about a few appointments from start to finish, including your initial consultation. In as few as 3 or 4 visits to our San Antonio, TX dental office, you’ll have that glamorous new smile you’ve always wanted.
It’s the closest thing to instant gratification you’ll find when it comes to a radical smile improvement!


Your teeth will never completely stop moving, which means that even with orthodontic treatment at a younger age, your smile may look crooked, crowded, or gapped over time.
But you don’t have to wear braces to fix it!
Veneers are a great solution for minor problems with the position of your teeth because we can customize them to fit over small gaps or slightly crooked teeth, creating an illusion that suggests you just had braces removed!


As the years go by, your once bright, straight, pristine teeth may start to appear dull, dingy, crooked, gapped, and visibly damaged.
That’s because you’re using your teeth every single day, all day long, and as strong as they are, they can’t withstand all that wear over the years completely unscathed.
We may get better with age in many ways, but our teeth don’t! So when you cover them with flawless dental veneers, you instantly look years younger!


Even though veneers were first created for Hollywood film stars in the early part of filmmaking, they’re now available everywhere. Just like actors and actresses could, and still do, show off flawless teeth and glamorous smiles, anyone can now benefit from the transformative power of veneers.
You no longer have to have the resources, connections, or paycheck of a celebrity to look like one. Your radiant new smile will look stunning, just like the smiles you see on the big screen and the red carpet!


Feeling good about your appearance may be the sort of thing you’ve either experienced so infrequently you don’t what it’s like, or something you’ve always longed to experience but never have.
Either way, confidence about your smile isn’t something you’re used to, so seeing yourself with dental veneers once your treatment is complete will undoubtedly be a profound moment in your life.
We see it time and again when we put a mirror in front of our cosmetic patients to see their new smiles for the first time.
Without fail, patients feel more confident in an instant and spend the next days and weeks adjusting to that unfamiliar territory, smiling freely and openly everywhere they go, receiving compliments left and right.
But it’s the kind of change they all welcome with open arms!

Call Now For A Consultation!

There’s an important benefit we haven’t mentioned yet, but that’s because it only applies when you come to Cosmetic Dental Associates for your veneers.
It’s that you receive the guidance of one of the most highly-respected experts in cosmetic dentistry in the country!
Dr. Moore isn’t just an extensively trained, skilled, and award-winning dentist in San Antonio, TX.
He’s an artist!
People come from all around to meet with Dr. Moore and put their smile transformation into his capable hands, and that’s because when it comes to something as important and personal as cosmetic dental treatment, people want best.
Let Dr. Moore and our team redefine your smile and change your life, whether it’s with dental veneers, or any number of our groundbreaking cosmetic dentistry services!
To set up your consultation at Cosmetic Dental Associates, call us today at 210-951-4444 (Medical Center) 210-942-5047 (Alamo Ranch) 210-934-8188 (Stone Oak) or fill out our online form.