You know how one new outfit can make you look ten pounds thinner and make you feel more confident in an instant?
Or how a dramatic new haircut and color can make you look like a whole new person?
This is just how cosmetic dentistry works in our San Antonio, TX dental office!
From simple to complex, you can find a variety of cosmetic treatments at Cosmetic Dental Associates to make you look and feel amazing!
It all depends on how far you’re willing to go to get the smile you want. We can make sure to give you results you’re looking for in a way that suits your individual needs, goals, and budget.
Today, we want to let you know that at the hands of our skilled dentists, Dr. Moore and Dr. Tostado, you can find big and small ways to makeover your smile.

Small Ways To Makeover Your Smile

Here are several small ways we can make you look and feel great with cosmetic dentistry that will have a big impact on your smile and confidence!

*Whitening Your Teeth*

The easiest way to feel better about your smile is to make it brighter with simple, inexpensive teeth whitening treatment in our San Antonio, TX dental office.
It’s a fast way to love your smile and look great for upcoming special events!
People will notice your brighter, more radiant smile and might also wonder if you’ve had some sort of cosmetic surgery given how easily teeth whitening can make you look younger overall!

*Bonding, Contouring, & Reshaping*

We offer several cosmetic dentistry options that won’t break your bank or force you to spend hours in the dental chair.
For minor damage and dull-colored teeth, you could choose tooth bonding, which breathes new life into your smile easily and affordably.
This method involves a composite resin that’s applied to damaged teeth to fill in the dents and dings on the surface, and then it’s smoothed and polished for a healthier, brighter-looking smile.
Another option is to round out pointy teeth or smooth rough edges around worn teeth with tooth contouring.
With this non-invasive treatment, Dr. Moore will artfully resculpt your teeth so they look even and attractive.
Similarly, he and our cosmetic team can reshape your gumline to expose more of the white parts of your teeth for better balance in your smile.
You can couple this reshaping technique or the contouring treatment with teeth whitening for a fantastic, but simple mini smile makeover!

*Replacing Silver Fillings For Tooth-Colored Restorations*

Chances are you’ve had some sort of dental work before, and if it was a long time ago, there’s an even greater chance that it’s a dark silver restoration.
Filling a cavity is important to your oral health, but if that filling shows when you smile, it’s distracting.
You can replace that old silver filling with our tooth-colored fillings at Cosmetic Dental Associates!
It’s not a major smile makeover, but it’s enough to protect your teeth and gums, enhance your appearance, and boost your confidence!

Big Ways To Makeover Your Smile

Here are two procedures that can makeover your smile in big, life-changing ways!

*Getting A Brand New Smile With Veneers*

One of our cosmetic specialties here in San Antonio is dental veneers, and it’s like a total smile makeover all in one treatment.
What makes this a big smile makeover only has to do with what veneers can mask, and not necessarily because of the process itself, which is actually quite simple.
First, here are the flaw veneers conceal:
*Misshapen Teeth
*Unsightly Gaps
*Cracked & Chipped Teeth
*Disproportionate, Uneven Teeth
*Dents & Ridges On Your Enamel
Veneers hide these cosmetic imperfections because they fit over your natural teeth while replicating the lifelike translucence of real enamel. With bonding adhesive, Dr. Moore can make sure your veneers stay firmly in place over your teeth while resting naturally and comfortably along your gumline for a radically improved smile you’ll love.
The process consists of a consultation, followed by a digitally-aided design for your customized veneers, and then it’s completed with the placement itself.
Not a big, complicated process, but certainly a huge difference in your appearance and self-esteem!

*Replacing Missing Teeth With Dental Implants*

The only way to get a beautiful smile is to make sure it’s healthy first. This can’t happen unless and until you replace any missing teeth.
Whether you’ve been suffering from tooth loss caused by gum disease or you were injured in an accident, any empty spaces left behind will only result in more tooth loss and could possibly make you vulnerable to bodily infection spread from the bacteria in your mouth.
We can prevent those problems and complete your smile with our options in dental implants at Cosmetic Dental Associates!
This is the best way to regain the bite power you used to have and keep your remaining teeth, gums, and jawbone strong and healthy!

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At Cosmetic Dental Associates, you can love your smile with all kinds of cosmetic treatments, from simple to complex. It all depends on what you want to accomplish at the hands of our talented, experienced dentists, Dr. Moore and Dr. Tostado.
We can help you figure out the best, most affordable way to achieve your smile goals and walk away smiling with confidence and looking beautiful.
To schedule your smile makeover consultation, call our San Antonio office today at 210-361-2110 (Medical Center) 210-361-2330 (Alamo Ranch) 210-934-8188 (Stone Oak) or fill out our online form.