Bridging the Gap

Are you missing one or more teeth?  If so, you should be aware that it can lead to a variety of other dental issues.  An uneven shift in your teeth can occur, you could develop a condition called TMJ and you even face an increased risk of getting periodontal disease, tooth decay and more.  Your best bet is to come in and see our dental office in San Antonio and discuss having a bridge or multiple bridges put in, depending on your situation. 

The decision to have dental bridges put in should not be taken lightly, as they are a permanent solution.  Since they are cemented into your mouth, they cannot be removed.  There are three types of these implants: conventional fixed bridges, cantilever bridges and resin-bonded bridges.  With the first two, the teeth surrounding the missing one are “shaped” and then crowns/caps are placed over them and an artificial tooth is dropped in.  Conversely, resin-bound bridges do not require as much prep work and are commonly used in San Antonio cosmetic dentistry to fill in gaps in the front teeth when the gums and surrounding teeth are healthy and mostly free of fillings.

Bridges begin to feel more natural over time and patients almost always feel happier and more comfortable than removable dentures.  You will most likely start to feel like the implant is natural after, at most, 48 hours.  Finally, bridges have a more organic appearance than other treatments, so your smile will continue to look great.

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