Fear of the dentist affects millions of people across the United States.
You understand that regular cleanings and exams are good for your oral health. That doesn’t take away the feelings of dental anxiety, however.
Our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates understands this. Yet, our approach has helped several patients make their way back into a dentist’s chair at our San Antonio office.
Many places use sedation dentistry to put you out during your dental care, but we know many people are uncomfortable using pills or chemicals. Our approach focuses on listening to you, our patients, and finding ways to provide dental care that works for you.
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Causes Of Dental Anxiety
One definition of anxiety is “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event.”
If you feel uneasy about visiting the dentist, we want you to know something else. It’s OK. You are OK. Your feelings are OK.
To help manage those feelings, it can be helpful to identify the cause of your anxiety. Dental Fear Central, a website created by people with dental anxiety for people with dental anxiety, has put together a list of common fears. By looking over the list, you may be able to identify specific issues that contribute to your feelings.
In many cases, we have found that patients with anxiety had a bad experience with dental care at another time. That can shape how you respond to future dental visits.
Some people worry that the dentist will be critical of the condition of their teeth. Our dental team is here to help you and support you. We meet you where you are, and our goal is to work with you to help you improve or maintain your oral health.
Some people worry that dental care will be painful. This is completely understandable. The good news is that our dentists are dedicated to providing dental care that is as pain-free as possible.
We have modern training, tools, and techniques to perform procedures painlessly.
These are just a few examples of things that could cause feelings of dental anxiety. We encourage you to look over the list mentioned above.
You may even want to bring it with you during your first visit to Cosmetic Dental Associates. It could help start the conversation about what we can do to help you feel comfortable at our San Antonio dentist office.
A Focus On Comfort To Ease Dental Anxiety
Our dentists have found the best way to help our patients with anxiety is to listen to them and listen to their concerns.
We want to answer your questions, and we want to work with you ease you back into dental care. We don’t want to feel rushed.
We want you to know that you are in control.
One way we do this is by allowing patients to schedule longer appointment time at Cosmetic Dental Associates. You can feel comfortable saying, “I would like to take a break” at any time. For many patients, knowing that they can break up their care into smaller, manageable segments makes it easier to handle.
We never want your to feel hurried or forced to do anything.
Our dentists also bring decades of experience to what they do. They can draw on that experience to help with whatever your oral care needs may be.
Through continuing education, they have learned many ways of approaching problems. We will do everything we can to help your feel comfortable both physically and mentally.
Our comfort options are one way we can help you relax. For example, having a private room can make a difference in how you feel about receiving dental care.
A blanket is another small thing that can make a big difference. This can add a coziness to your experience that makes is easier to handle.
And understanding what will be happening and why can go a long way as well. We want you to know that it’s always OK to ask questions before, during, or after your visit.
Take Your First Step
Our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates is here to support you. To learn more about our patient-centered approach to dental care, call 210-951-4444 (Medical Center) 210-942-5047 (Alamo Ranch) or contact us online when you are ready.