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Here at Cosmetic Dental Associates we have both the expertise and resources to do some pretty enjoyable cases that help patients in many different ways.  Through countless hours of Continuing Education Courses, military training programs and some creative ingenuity on the part of our doctors, we are able to create unique smiles without having to refer out treatment.  Our goal is not only to make sure you are able to chew your food comfortably, but also create that smile that helps you feel more confident in your everyday activities.

The purpose of our case studies is to show some of the things we are able to achieve here at CDA so that patients know what is available to them.  These are real patients of ours, and we plan on explaining how we were able to address their various dental concerns using current technology. ALL of the treatment shown was done here in house. If you have any questions regarding any of our cases, please feel free to email us!

Patient #1 came to Dr. John Moore wanting a new smile

Normally in a case like this Dr. Moore would recommend Invisalign to straighten her teeth and then do some cosmetic shaping and whitening after.  However, our patient was in a time crunch so Invisalign was not an option.  She also posed a unique request: She wanted something that would really sparkle.  Not just something that was straight and white.

Lucky for our her, she came to an office where not only do we have an in-office lab that fabricates esthetic smiles on a daily basis, but Doctors who take pride in using their artistic backgrounds to customize each case for the individual’s needs.  In patient #1’s case, Dr. Moore decided that upper and lower, highly polished custom veneers would be the first step in creating the smile she was seeking.

To really give our patient the extra sparkle she was looking for both she and Dr. Moore decided to place a diamond inside one of the veneers. Dr. Moore is not only an artistic dentist, but also a jewel collector!  He had a variety of authentic gems for her to choose from.  She ended up choosing a top quality VVS, clear, round-cut, diamond that sparkled like a wedding ring.  This definitely was not a rhinestone that you find on costume jewelry.

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