CDC Cares for Oral Health to Prevent Cosmetic Dentistry

While you might have heard about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and understand that they provide health and wellness information, disease and illness statistics and educational materials, you might not realize the extent of the information they provide. At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we appreciate the efforts that the CDC is making towards developing a healthier nation and preventing the need for cosmetic dentistry later in life. While some cosmetic dentistry is not avoidable, keeping your mouth healthy and happy can prevent avoidable cosmetic dentistry. Healthy mouths begin at infancy, so make sure you teach your children proper oral health as well as practicing proper oral health yourself.

The CDC is a United States federal agency that works to protect public health and safety while promoting health through partnerships with local and state health departments and organizations.  The CDC strives to develop disease prevention and control through a variety of mediums and services. While the CDC is not a medical office nor can they provide medical care, they can provide information about disease control and prevention.

The CDC strives to provide a variety of educational materials to adults, parents, and teachers to help create a healthier nation. It’s separated into a number of divisions to help provide the best resources and information available to those sections. The Division of Oral Health provides resources and information available on their website at

The Division of Oral Health provides information to parents and children through their “Brush Up on Healthy Teeth” fact sheet and other informational materials. The CDC provides brushing advice and tips, quizzes for parents, and posters that can help kids learn the right way to brush and maintain healthy mouths. The Division of Oral Health’s Brush Up on Healthy Teeth fact sheet is available in PDF format online.

Find helpful information online from the CDC’s Division of Oral Health to help maintain healthy mouths and healthy bodies. The CDC is just one organization that is working to provide helpful information online. Learn more about proper oral health and about how to keep mouths healthy, happy, and free from the need of cosmetic dentistry.

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