To preserve your oral health, your only option is to replace missing teeth. Whether you have only one tooth lost, or several, it’s the only way to keep your facial structure intact and protect the healthy teeth and gums around the empty space where a tooth used to be.
Here are some specific reasons why not doing anything about your missing teeth isn’t really an option:
*Surrounding teeth can move around and give you a crooked smile.
*The empty spaces will invite harmful bacteria to sit there and fester.
*Lost teeth can affect your speech.
*Missing teeth can alter how your upper and lower jaw meets up, leading to TMJ problems.
*It’s unattractive and will shatter your confidence!
We’ll help you avoid these devastating consequences by replacing your missing teeth in the way that keeps you healthy and makes you look great!

How To Replace Your Teeth, That’s The Real Question!

Thanks to the technology in our modern dentist office in San Antonio, you can replace missing teeth in a variety of ways. But today, we’re doing some comparing and contrasting with just two of them so you can understand a bit more about your options.

*One Way Is A Dental Bridge*

Dental bridges do not require surgery. Instead, you’ll get a dental crown on each tooth next to the empty space. Then the replacement tooth is put in place and bonded to those crowns. This is how a dental bridge keeps the replacement in that spot.
This difference may not seem that big, but it means these dental restorations have other differences. Here’s how they compare.

*Another Way Is A Dental Implant*

A dental implant is different than a bridge because it offers one important piece to the replacement tooth, which is the root. An implant behaves like a real tooth root and is placed inside your jaw so it can fuse with the bone and lock your replacement securely into place.
That’s why you’re able to eat whatever you want with dental implants as opposed to other methods.


Brushing and flossing can continue after your replace missing teeth with an implant or bridge, with minor, if any, modifications.
Your daily oral hygiene routine will be as easy as it always was with either of these options, which is great news! Low maintenance is ideal considering you’ll have to care for your replacement teeth for years and years!

*Health Outcomes*

Without tooth roots, you can never quite stimulate your jawbone the way it needs to be in order to remain strong and continue growing.
That’s what your remaining healthy teeth and gums truly need to maintain your mouth’s overall structural integrity.
But if you’re only missing one or two teeth, you may do fine with a dental bridge. This is best left reserved for professionals like Dr. Moore and Dr. Tostado to evaluate when you visit us for a consultation.

*Price Comparison*

There’s much more work involved with dental implants because they’re placed inside your jawbone in a surgical procedure that takes time and careful planning. Before that, any jawbone deterioration or gum recession will have to be resolved so you can support dental implants.
For these reasons, they’re going to come with a higher price tag.
The less expensive choice is a dental bridge, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the better choice.
Dr. Moore can help you decide which is going to suit your dental needs and protect your health best.

*Long Term Stability*

A dental implant will last longer than a bridge, often for the rest of your life. Considering all the other factors that go into your decision, you’ll want to think about the value and return of your investment in replacing your missing teeth.

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Your decision is a very personal one, but it helps to have the expert guidance of Dr. Moore and our team of experienced professionals.
We have the training and technology you need to get the most out of your investment. No matter how you replace missing teeth in our San Antonio, TX dental office, you’ll love the results and be healthier for it!
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