Choosing The Best Teeth Whitening Method For You [BLOG]

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Do you want to whiten your teeth but aren’t sure which method will render the best results?

At Cosmetic Dental Associates, you’ll find a number of ways to get the brighter smile you’re after, but we understand that sometimes, too many options can be a bit overwhelming.

So today, we’re looking at two popular cosmetic dentistry services, both of which will give you a sparkling, white smile but offer their own unique benefits, so you can get a better idea of the method that will work best for you!

When Teeth Whitening Is Best…

Our advanced teeth whitening solutions are easy, affordable, and a great way to brighten your smile and boost your confidence in the shortest amount of time. This is ideal for enhancing your smile just before an important job interview or special event where you want to look your best.

Teeth whitening treatment is best when you have a healthy mouth and no other visible problems with your teeth such as cracks, rough or worn edges, or unsightly gaps in your smile.

When Dental Veneers Are Best…

While dental veneers will definitely whiten your smile, they’re more suited for patients who have multiple cosmetic flaws to fix, such as:

*Misshapen teeth

*Chipped, cracked, or worn tooth enamel

*Poorly-positioned teeth

*Gaps between teeth

In other words, it wouldn’t make sense to get teeth whitening when you have other dental problems that need to be addressed. If dental veneers are appropriate for you, whiter teeth will be just one of the many improvements you’ll see in your new smile.

Choose The Best Whitening Method For You!

At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we value the role you play in choosing any of our cosmetic dental treatments. We’re not here to talk you into treatments you don’t need, want, or that won’t help you reach your smile goals.

Our job is to help you explore all your options, answer all your questions, and help you weigh the pros and cons of each path so you’re comfortable with your ultimate decision and feel confident in achieving your desired results.

If you were trying to decide between teeth whitening treatment and dental veneers, for instance, we’d talk to you about what each procedure can accomplish for your smile.

Lifting stubborn stains from food, drinks, and other lifestyle factors is often a good reason to choose our advanced teeth whitening system for professional, safe, and immediate results.

But if your teeth stains come from a more complicated, underlying health or dental problem, or if you have more cosmetic issues with your teeth, such as their shape or position, you may want to look at our various veneers options.

It’s all about customization, and there’s no better cosmetic dental specialist than Dr. Moore to guide you through all the choices available to you!

Schedule A Consultation!

People in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas know exactly where to go for high-quality cosmetic dentistry at the hands of a true craftsman.

That’s Cosmetic Dental Associates and widely-respected dentist, Dr. Moore!

He can meet with you for a cosmetic consultation to discuss which of our wide-ranging whitening strategies will work best for your smile!

Call our San Antonio, TX practice today at 210-951-4444 or fill out our online form to set up your consultation with Dr. Moore.

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