In the past, we have discussed the topic of rechargeable toothbrushes versus the battery operated versions. While it is advised that the rechargeable is better for your pocket, the environment and your teeth, which electric toothbrush do you choose?
Cosmetic Dental Associates recommends giving the gift of dental health this Christmas. The investment you are making in your loved one’s teeth will outlast any tech gadget, toy or temporary gift. Take the time this season to begin anew and make a small change that can last a lifetime. Sometimes the initial price tag can steer some away from purchasing an electric toothbrush, however, the amount saved in future dental bills far outweighs the small initial cost of preventative care.
Which one to choose?
So you have decided to take the plunge into the electric toothbrush pool and you are now overwhelmed by choices. The prices can range anywhere from $15-$140. Some are sonic (vibrate side-to-side) and some are spinning (they rotate very fast in one direction, then the other, and bristles may pulsate in and out). Pulsing is an additional feature that helps push the head of the toothbrush against your teeth while it is spinning which helps to remove plaque from your teeth. Dual heads have one part that rotates and the second part swishes side to side. The theory is that extra cleaning action and extra bristles lead to more effective cleaning.
Consumer Reports’ findings show that you do get what you pay for- at least in regards to your toothbrush. The cheapest electric toothbrushes tend to have just one cleaning program and a humble brush head, where the higher end brushes have multiple features and accessories. The pricier brushes boasted ad-ons like: built in timers- to either shut off the brush or “quadpacers” that signal every 30 seconds so that you spend equal amount of time on each quadrant of your mouth, sensitive cleaning options, gum massagers, and travel cases. The more expensive brushes were actually found to remove more than 75% more plaque than the rest.
Before making your final purchase
Make sure the return-policy is fair- many manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee. In addition, depending on the store, many offer a gracious return-policy even after it is used. Many family packs are available with additional interchangeable heads. This is a good initial investment since you will inevitably need to change the heads about every 3 months. Lastly, check with our Cosmetic Dental Associate store to see the best brush and accessories that we recommend personally for you, available to buy online directly from our site.