Cosmetic dentistry is generally associated with the appearance of teeth, but that is not the whole picture. This type of dentistry focuses on the health of the teeth and gums and overall good oral hygiene in addition to attractive appearance. There are many dental procedures that can enhance the smile and improve health that are performed best by a qualified cosmetic dentist.
Tooth Whitening, Veneers, and Porcelain Restorations
Tooth whitening as well as veneers and porcelain restorations of the upper front teeth are some of the most popular procedures that cosmetic dentists perform. Veneers and porcelain restorations are highly technical procedures that require the expertise of a specially trained dentist to make them look natural. In fact, this work is so delicate that it sometimes has to be redone by a more skilled cosmetic dentist in order to achieve the optimal result. By finding a truly gifted cosmetic dentist, patients can ensure that the procedure is done right the first time and that only one visit is necessary.
Dental Implants
Implants are a popular way to replace missing teeth, but it is extremely difficult to make them appear natural and they have the chance of failing altogether. During the procedure, a metal root is implanted into the jaw bone–which the bone and gums then grow over–and a new crown is put on the implant. Not only do implants solve the problem of missing teeth, but they also help patients to avoid the problems associated with shifting teeth, one of the most unsightly and painful problems a person may encounter. A cosmetic dentist can use implants to stop the teeth from shifting while creating a natural-looking smile at the same time.
Straightening teeth is another area in which it is better to consult a cosmetic dental professional rather than a regular dentist. Orthodontics is a highly specialized area that does not simply concern straight teeth; it also deals with the gums, and tooth movement, placement and appearance. Braces may not always be the best solution for some crooked teeth and cosmetic dentists can reshape a tooth by removing some of the enamel to correct a chip or alter the position, length or shape of the tooth.
Fighting Gum Disease
Healthy gum tissue is essential for overall health of the body, as gum disease can affect more than just the mouth. Quality cosmetic dentists can perform a variety of gum tissue augmentation procedures to ensure better overall health. Another highly specialized procedure is the gum lift, a technique that sculpts the gum line by raising it to create the appearance of longer and more symmetrical teeth. This reshapes the gum tissue and sometimes exposes the underlying bone and can drastically improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth.
Good oral hygiene and attractive teeth are essential for good health and self-esteem, and the best cosmetic dentistry practices have the knowledge and expertise to perform high quality dental work that will provide these.