For many people, the approaching new season ignites excitement about all the fun activities and events it brings with it. Family cookouts, vacations, or weddings are all worthy of our anticipation, but for you, the dawn of this new season is different. For you, it inspires crippling fear.
That’s because instead of reminding you of fun summer festivities you have planned, it reminds you that it’s time for your routine dental cleaning and exam. If your dental appointments fill you with so much fear that you spend weeks drowning in nerves, you have what’s known as dental anxiety.
While it’s completely understandable why many people are afraid of going to the dentist, it can create problems for your health and your smile. If this is quite familiar to you, keep reading to find out what happens when you let fear become a problem.

When Fear Affects Your Health….

Dental anxiety is going to feel differently to everyone, but there are some common threads of experience among the millions of Americans who suffer from it.
You might fear the dentist because you’ve had traumatic dental experiences from your childhood that come flooding to the forefront of your mind whenever you think about your appointment. It could also be caused by that feeling of being out of control because you’re unfamiliar with the equipment or the process involved in your treatment plan.
It also doesn’t help matters that you can often feel rushed during a dental appointment. Feeling like the staff doesn’t care about you and is just trying to crank through appointments just to get to the next patient is the last thing a person with dental anxiety needs to go through.
That’s why our staff at Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio are committed to taking our time with you during your visit with us. We have a warm, caring team of professionals who understand how you feel and want to listen to your fears and concerns. In our years of serving the community in our San Antonio dental office, we have found this to be tremendously effective in helping our patients feel more at ease about their appointment.
And we don’t just care about how you feel during your visit, but we care about your oral and overall health. That’s why we want you to know how important it is to maintain those routine dental checkups with us. Prevention is key when it comes to keeping your smile healthy. Without the tools and the highly trained professionals to give you deep cleanings and thorough exams twice a year, you’re more at risk for gum disease and a whole host of other health issues like diabetes and heart disease.
If you’ve been letting fear keep you from scheduling an appointment with us, you’re also letting fear put your health at risk. We encourage you to give us a call and talk to us about your dental anxiety so we can help you achieve your healthiest smile possible.

When Fear Affects Your Smile….

You know that dental anxiety can be harmful to your physical health. But what about your psychological and emotional health? There’s a connection there, believe it or not. What we mean is that if there is anything about your smile that you’d like to change, fear will keep you from pursuing that. If you have yellow teeth you wish were whiter, or crooked, gapped, or chipped teeth you wish were beautifully straight and flawless, you’re not going to feel attractive and confident. You’re going to feel embarrassed and self-conscious. Consequently, you’re going to avoid social situations or you’ll be inhibited and uncomfortable, constantly putting forth exhaustive efforts to hide your smile.
You deserve so much better than that! There are many options in cosmetic dentistry available to you at Cosmetic Dental Associates. Technology has come so far in recent years, that many of those options are fast, effective, minimally invasive, and even pain-free. At our San Antonio dental office, you have absolutely nothing to fear!

Cosmetic Dental Associates Can Help!

Don’t let fear keep you from the optimum health and the beautiful smile you deserve. Let us help you overcome your dental anxiety.
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