Dental Veneers: Put Your Best Smile Forward! [BLOG]

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There’s no better time of year to start the cosmetic dentistry process in San Antonio, TX!

At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we offer a variety of dental veneers options to suit your needs, and if you get started now, you’ll have a gorgeous new smile just in time for the busy holiday season that’s fast approaching!

Today, we’re sharing some common concerns patients have when they first begin the process of transforming their smiles so you can understand more about what veneers can do for you.

Put Your Best Smile Forward With Dental Veneers!

Here are two questions we most often hear from patients about dental veneers during their initial consultation at Cosmetic Dental Associates.

This will give you some idea of how dental veneers can help you put your best smile forward!

Will They Really Make A Difference?

Depending on the extent of your dental flaws, the time spent in the dental veneers process can vary from a few appointments to a single visit if you don’t require any tooth enamel modification. That’s because we not only offer standard porcelain dental veneers, but Lumineers and Prepless veneers, as well!

Generally, veneers serve one main function, which is to mask flawed, stained, or damaged teeth and close gaps in your smile. They’re thin and translucent just like tooth enamel, but they’re really strong and durable.

Did we mention veneers are stain resistant, too?

That’s right! Your pearly whites will stay that way for years, and with proper care, your teeth will be safe from surface nicks and rough or worn edges for a stunning, sophisticated smile!

Will They Look Natural?

Some patients are concerned that the flawlessness of dental veneers will have an inevitable downside, which is that their teeth won’t look natural.

That’s a legitimate concern for patients who go elsewhere for their dental veneers, but not for those who choose Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates!

Not only is Dr. Moore highly-skilled in the field of dentistry, but he has a natural artistic talent that helps him execute the vision for your dream smile to stunning fruition.

He’s also committed to a continuing investment in state-of-the-art technology in our San Antonio practice so your dental veneers are meticulously designed and crafted of the finest material.

The results are veneers that will not only feel comfortable and natural against your gumline, but they’ll look strikingly similar to natural tooth enamel, just without the imperfections that used to mar your smile!

Call For A Consultation!

You can get answers to all your questions during your initial consultation with Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates.

With his years of experience and high standard of excellence, your smile transformation could not be in better hands!

Call our San Antonio, TX practice today at 210-951-4444 or fill out our online form for your veneers consultation.

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