Gum Disease Awareness Month is about to end, but our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates is here for you all year long, providing innovative ways to get back the healthy gums, teeth, and smile you deserve!

Ditch The Scalpel & Let Dental Lasers Heal Your Gums!

Here are four reasons you should ditch the scalpel and opt, instead, for non-surgical gum disease treatment using dental lasers to restore your smile!

*Lasers Don’t Require Cutting*

We’re starting with the best reason to ditch the scalpel when you need gum disease treatment.
Dental lasers are the cutting edge of dentistry, a modern technique that requires absolutely no cutting or stitching of your gum tissues, as well as less bleeding! It’s a more efficient, comfortable technique that improves the patient experience.
The laser zaps infected tissue, then we’ll smooth the areas around the roots of your teeth so your healthy gums can grow over any pockets that resulted from the infection.

*Lasers Result In Easier Healing*

When you’re not waiting for a stitched up incision to heal, recovery is significantly easier. That’s another advantage of ditching the scalpel and choosing laser gum disease treatment instead.
Also, cutting an incision, as with conventional gum surgery, poses a greater risk for post-op infection, which is entirely counterproductive to gum disease treatment to begin with!

*Lasers Don’t Harm Your Healthy Gum Tissue*

Even an experienced dentist can have trouble avoiding healthy gum tissue when trying to remove infected tissues with a scalpel. Lasers, however, are designed to evaporate diseased gums with far more precision, allowing us to perform this treatment without harming your healthy gum tissue.

*Lasers Get Your Oral Health Back On Track*

Laser gum disease treatment won’t cut your gum tissue, but it can cut time and money you spend on dental care moving forward!
What we mean is that you can restore unhealthy gums more efficiently when you’re treated with a laser, and you’ll heal faster afterward, so in less time than with conventional gum therapies, you’re already on the road back to better oral health.
That also means you can resume a normal twice annual pattern of dental checkups sooner, stay on top of oral health problems as they arise, and thus, save time and money by avoiding more complex dental treatments in the future.

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We understand the value of technology in creating a pleasant, positive patient experience. That’s just one of the reasons we invest in the latest tools in modern dentistry at Cosmetic Dental Associates. We want you to have the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve, and part of that means providing the kind of advanced, comfortable treatment that makes returning to the dentist regularly much easier and better oral health well within your reach!
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