Dating can be fun. And dating can be a rat race. After a divorce, you may feel especially raw, emotional, and maybe even lacking in self-confidence. It doesn’t matter how or why your marriage ended – what matters now is that you’re single and looking. And one of the best gifts you can give yourself as you seek out your next Mr. or Ms. Right is a smile makeover.
There are certainly plenty of times post-divorce when you won’t feel like smiling, but you may find yourself flashing your pearly whites more often than not when you know they look amazing. And smiling more can make all the difference between someone who passes you by and someone who says hello. A non-smiling photo that you post on your online dating profile won’t get you nearly as much attention as a photo that shows you laughing. And a first date has a better chance of leading to a second date if you aren’t spending the whole time trying to hide your stained, chipped, or aging teeth.
When you feel good about yourself, that confidence will show. And regardless of whether you are happy about your divorce or still recovering, when you’re ready to find love again, you should make sure your smile is ready too.
Here are just some of the best cosmetic dentistry options for your post-divorce smile makeover:
If you’re feeling defeated and exhausted…
A pick-me-up is what you need when you’re just tired of everything divorce-related. A professional teeth whitening treatment can do the trick. Completed in about an hour in the dentist’s office, this cosmetic dentistry procedure is transforming, and it’s popular for its affordability and amazing results. If you really want to look like a new you without putting in too much time, effort, or expense, teeth whitening is the way to go.
If you need to take care of yourself for once…
Maybe you spent your marriage supporting your partner, or taking care of the kids. It’s time to put yourself on the front burner for once. Perhaps one of the things you’ve always wished for is a straighter smile. You might have white teeth and a healthy foundation of teeth and gums. If the only thing missing is alignment, Invisalign is just the ticket. Not only is this practically invisible method of orthodontia ideal for adults who want to make a change without being obvious about it, you get amazing results in less time than wearers of traditional metal braces (without the “brace face” nicknames, or pain and discomfort). Plus, when you go out on those first, second, and third dates, it’s easy to remove Invisalign for a meal of whatever you’d like to eat – no restrictions.
If you feel like your best years are behind you…
Divorce is not easy. And it can age you. Whether you’ve been visibly altered or not by going through the wringer, simply feeling worn out by what life has thrown at you is a sign that you need some serious TLC. Porcelain veneers are known for their versatility and ability to correct a host of cosmetic dental issues, from gaps to misalignment, chips to stains, surface cracks to overlapping teeth. If you could use a boost from a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is minimally invasive and offers maximum impact, prepless veneers can give you a new lease on yourself and your love life.
Chances are good that you’ve neglected yourself more than you should have during your divorce. It’s time to take care of yourself and your oral health. Make changes, take control, and love life, whether there is a special someone by your side or not. Choose the cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry solution that is right for you with the help of Dr. John Moore, San Antonio cosmetic dentist extraordinaire. Contact us to make your post-divorce oral health checkup and ask all the questions you want about what’s best for your smile makeover.