Dr. John Moore, DDS, has been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years and is known for his remarkable cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. Moore has vast experience in his field and is a dentist in San Antonio, Texas that you should visit. Dr. Moore founded Cosmetic Dental Associates, which is well-known for its innovative cosmetic dentistry and unique orthodontic procedures.
As a student at the University of Texas, Dr. Moore received a Bachelor of Science degree and began working toward his goal of becoming a top dentist in San Antonio by putting his extensive training and art skills into practice. He then went on to study at the University of Texas Health Science Center where he earned his Doctorate degree in dentistry. His tenacity and ability to work beyond his requirements have always made Dr. Moore stand out in his field.
Dr. Moore began his journey as a teaching assistant at the University of Texas and the University of Colorado and eventually became a clinical instructor and assistant professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center. For 10 years, he taught clinical and restorative dentistry as well as dental anatomy and has also lectured nationally and internationally for over 30 years.
As a veteran dentist, Dr. Moore has extensive knowledge in his field: he has developed several revolutionary new procedures that combine Invisalign technology with porcelain veneers to correct serious dental misalignments; he has had a variety of articles published and has received numerous awards and certificates; Dr. Moore has also been recognized for his achievements by various dental organizations and was elected as one of America’s Top Dentists in Cosmetic Dentistry.
Dr. John Moore is an advocate of non-invasive cosmetic dentistry. At his practice, he uses an assortment of dental techniques such as high speed orthodontics, advanced engineered ceramics, the Invisalign system, computerized dental processes, artisan veneer work, and innovative bite alignment techniques to treat patients with various jaw and tooth problems. Dr. Moore is also a member of various respected organizations including the OKU Dental Honor Fraternity, Honorary Member of The Mexican Academy of Prosthodontists, American Dental Association and Texas Dental Association.
If you are looking for a dentist in San Antonio, you owe it to yourself to visit Dr. John Moore. With Dr. Moore’s experience, one’s cosmetic dentistry is in safe and well-practiced hands.