Going to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience for any one, especially for young children. With their innocent natures and vivid imaginations, it is common for children to develop fears of the unknown or of things that may cause them discomfort. From the “Boogie Man” to being alone in the dark and of course, going to the dentist, when kids develop these types of fears it is important for parents to step in and help their children cope and overcome them so that they can continue to grow into healthy, mature adults.
When it is time for children to go have their teeth cleaned, one of the best things parents can do it schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable and friendly family dentist. Unlike other dentists that may not have much experience with young children, family dentists are specially traine
d to clean and provide other general dentistry procedures to kids. Family dentists will also understand how speak with children to calm their fears. For example, some dentists will try to explain each procedure to the children so they can see how the cleanings will help keep their teeth healthy. Other dentists may tell stories or funny jokes to help keep the children’s mind off the cleaning and put them in a better mood. Either way, finding a family dentist to perform a child’s regular cleanings is an important way for parents to help calm their kids’ fears.
Besides finding a friendly, experienced dentist, parents can also help their children overcome their fears by simply taking the time to talk to them about their worries. Similar to how dentists may explain the teeth cleaning procedure to children, parents should try to children about their visits to the dentists and answer any questions they may have. By providing answers to children’s fears, parents can help their children see that there is nothing to be afraid of. Although it is important to answer these questions truthfully, parents should avoid telling kids about any of their own bad experiences at the dentist.
By finding a friendly family dentists and openly communicating with children, parents can help their kids overcome their fear of the dentist.