If you are living in San Antonio and you are looking for a dentist who provides orthodontic treatment, give us a call or send us an email – we can help you create the beautiful smile you desire! As an experienced and reliable San Antonio dentist using orthodontics, we can provide the work you need, whether you are seeking braces, re-alignment of specific teeth, or even crowns and permanent teeth whitening procedures, depending on your needs and the budget you have available for the services.
We offer services varying from traditional metal braces to “Invisalign” braces, which are clear and nearly invisible for a more aesthetically-pleasing look. When you opt for this type of invisible braces, they are much less visible than traditional metal braces and in most cases people cannot even tell if you are wearing them.
Even if you don’t need braces, you still might need the services of a San Antonio orthodontic provider. For example, if you have a specific tooth in your mouth that is not in line, you can work with an orthodontics provider to help with straightening out specific areas of your mouth. This can also help for teeth that are coming in crooked or out of place.
Whether you are seeking braces or if you are just looking to have another treatment done to help strengthen or whiten your teeth, we are proud to serve as your orthodontics provider, so never hesitate to contact us.