Tooth decay. Broken teeth. Infected teeth. Missing teeth. These are all reasons you may need restorative dentistry. In other words, these are all reasons you may want to make an appointment at Cosmetic Dental Associates.
Our dentists have been helping patients in San Antonio, TX, rebuild their smiles for years. We can do the same thing for you or someone you love.
We can perform a variety of restorative services. It’s more than likely that we will be able to help you remake your smile and bring back your bite.
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Which Kind Of Restorative Dentistry Is Right For You?
With good oral health habits and a little luck, you may never need our restorative care. That would be wonderful, but it’s also important to be prepared, just in case.
More than 90 percent of Americans will have at least one cavity in their lives. In fact, the average American adult is missing three teeth. Those figures are based on reporting by the National Institutes of Health.
With that in mind, here are five ways we can restore your smile at our San Antonio dentist office:
▷ Dental Crowns & Bridges
Dental crowns are one of the foundations of restorative dental care. Dental crowns can be used to fix large cavities, broken teeth, and cracked teeth. A crown also can be used as part of a tooth replacement.
If multiple teeth need to be replaced, you may need a dental bridge instead. Dental bridges are created by fusing two or more dental crowns together.
With modern material, dental crowns and bridges are made to look and to function just like your natural teeth. To put it another way, you can smile and eat your dinner, too.
▷ Dental Fillings
Remember those pesky cavities we mentioned earlier, well we have something for that. Dental fillings are used to fill in the holes created by tooth decay. In so doing, we restore the shape and the function of your tooth.
But we go one step further by offering tooth-colored fillings at Cosmetic Dental Associates. The composite resin creates a protective seal like other kinds of fillings. The difference is that this filling is made to match the color of your teeth.
Just because you had a cavity doesn’t mean everyone needs to know about it.
Dental Implants
When you lose a tooth, you lose the whole tooth. In order to replace missing teeth, you need to replace both the crowns (the parts you can see) and the roots (the parts that are anchored into your jawbones).
Dental implants were developed to take the place of your roots. Like roots, dental implants are embedded directly into your jaw. Implants also provide the support and stability for whatever crown replacement is needed.
To replace a single tooth, you would get a dental crown. To replace multiple teeth, you could get a dental bridge. And to replace a complete arch of teeth, you would get …
▷ Dentures
Dentures have been around for a long time. Growing up, you may have known someone who had traditional dentures. These can give someone a natural-looking smile. They also can bring back some of his or her bite force.
Something else happens when you place dentures on a series of dental implants, however. A person with implant-supported dentures, you could regain most (and in some cases nearly all) of your original bite force. This means you will be able to keep eating all the foods that you want to eat.
And you will still have a great smile.
▷ Root Canal Treatments
We know what you may be thinking. The truth is that many advances have been made in modern dentistry. As a result, it’s possible to receive a root canal treatment without ever feeling any pain.
In fact, the pain of a toothache is, unfortunately, what too often lead people to get a root canal procedure. When you have an infected tooth, bacteria causes pulp (a soft connective tissue inside your teeth) to become inflamed. This can cause toothaches and increased sensitivity to heat, cold, and sweets.
With a root canal treatment, we can remove the infection and fill the tooth with a special material to help it maintain its shape. The tooth is then sealed with a dental filling or dental crown.
Now Or Later, We Can Help With Restorative Dentistry
If you ever need restorative dental care, Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio wants to help.
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