Our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates is dedicated to helping patients and their families achieve their best oral health.
So today, the purpose our the blog is twofold:
We’re honoring Gum Disease Awareness Month and Children’s Dental Health month by debunking some myths about fluoride so you’re armed with the truth.
The facts all lead to one larger truth: fluoride treatments in our San Antonio dental office are safe and help your teeth stay strong and healthy against oral health problems.
Let’s get started!

Don’t Be Fooled By Fluoride Myths!

You can’t turn on the television without hearing the phrase ‘fake news’ at least once. It’s become part of our country’s shared vocabulary.
But fake news is a bit more complicated than the simple meaning of stories that are made up of entirely false facts. Fake news can refer to the spin reporters add to stories, too.
It’s a successful tactic. Generate hysteria unnecessarily, boost your ratings. Facts don’t always matter.
That’s what’s happened with what some of the public thinks they know about fluoride.
While some fluoride myths do contain factual information, some of the conclusions drawn are erroneous and often misleading.
Again, it’s all about spin!

Truth: Fluoride Is Actually Good For Your Teeth!

The real story about fluoride is that it’s good for your oral health. Here’s why:
*It can naturally repair tiny damaged spots on your tooth enamel.
*It can make your teeth strong and resistant to damage, decay, and gum disease.
*It can help children’s adult teeth come in stronger and healthier!

Fluoride Myths Debunked!

Here at Cosmetic Dental Associates, we know the real truth about fluoride and how to administer these treatments safely. Here are some of the myths we’re debunking today!
*Fluoride Is SAFE
A natural mineral, fluoride is, indeed, safe. Just because the form used in your toothpaste and tap water is a chemical doesn’t mean it isn’t safe.
After all, you’ll recall that even water on its own is a chemical, so here’s our first fluoride myth debunked!
*Fluoride Is NATURAL
Some believe the myth that fluoride unnatural because initially, it had to be added to a town’s water supply.
This isn’t true.
Fluoride is natural, and in fact, it’s often found in water wells all the time. It was then added to municipal water when it was discovered that those drinking water that was already fluoridated had healthier teeth than others who didn’t.
Fluoride myth debunked!
*Fluoride From The Dentist Is NOT What’s Used In Certain Poisons!
There’s a widely-circulated myth that the fluoride in toothpaste, water, and dental treatments is the same form of fluoride used in things like rat poison.
Let’s look at it this way. You know the fancy term for salt is sodium chloride. You also know that chloride contains chlorine, which is what we put in swimming pools to kill bacteria and make it safe for people to swim in.
Now, you’re not supposed to ingest chlorine, but we have no problem adding sodium chloride (salt) to our food.
That’s because the two are not the same!
This is the same case with common fluoride and a different form of it you find in rat poison. They are NOT the same!
*Fluoride Will NOT Lower Your IQ!
It’s tough to even take this one seriously, but it has to be addressed.
It is true that you can have too much of a good thing, just like water, potassium, and calcium, and Vitamin C, for example. That’s why the research suggesting fluoride consumption can lower your IQ is incredibly misleading.
One study shows a link between lower IQ scores with participants who ingested fluoridated water. But the water noted in the study contained upwards of 8 milligrams per liter of it! That’s not the amount in water here in the states.
The more accurate amount in our country’s water supply is only .7 milligrams/liter, which is a stark contrast to that in this particular study.
So again, while you can have too much of a good thing, you don’t have to worry about amounts of fluoride in tap water, toothpaste, or treatments at the dentist office!

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