Do you have a toothache that makes chewing uncomfortable? Maybe you have a broken tooth that’s rubbing against the inside of your lips or cheeks creating a painful sore? Or perhaps you have a cracked front tooth that makes you feel too embarrassed to smile?
At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we can fix all of these problems and more with our restorative dentistry! Living with a damaged or infected tooth can not only become quite an inconvenience, but it can totally derail your oral health.
Like most other areas of life, dental problems strike at the worst possible time. Just think about the special events and delicious holiday food you have to look forward to this season! Whether you’re in pain or not, fall is the ideal time to repair your damaged smile.
You need to restore the function to your teeth and make your smile healthy and beautiful again, and we can help! Call Cosmetic Dental Associates if you have a tooth that’s giving you problems, and we can help you find the right restorative solution.

Restorative Dentistry Can Solve Your Dental Problem

In today’s blog, we’re sharing some of the ways we can get your teeth functioning properly again with our restorative treatments.
Filling A Cavity
It’s such a common dental problem, most people have probably had some sort of experience with this sort of treatment. At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we can protect your tooth by filling in the hole with a tooth-colored resin so that no one will notice the filling at all. Dark metal fillings of the past used to be just part of the unfortunate territory for someone with a cavity, but not anymore. Our fillings can make your decayed tooth whole again in a way that looks completely natural!
Caring For An Infected Tooth With Root Canal Therapy
Often times, a tooth that’s become infected will be hard to ignore because it can bring an intense pain with it. But that’s not every case. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with regular dental appointments so that we can stop problems before they start. An infection left untreated can be a serious danger to your oral and overall health, so sometimes, a root canal is absolutely necessary.
We know that root canals have a terrible reputation for being one of dentistry’s worst experiences. But that’s certainly not the case in the capable hands of our dental professionals in San Antonio! We will carefully remove any infection, sanitize the area, and protect your tooth for years to come with a natural-looking restoration. No more chewing your food on one side of your mouth because of a toothache. Root canal therapy doesn’t cause pain here at Cosmetic Dental Associates. It relieves it!
Filling A Large Cavity Or Replacing A Missing Tooth With Dental Crowns & Bridges
Dental crowns and bridges are the unsung heroes of dentistry because there is so much they can do to restore your smile!
If a cavity is too large for a standard filling, a natural-looking dental crown is the perfect solution. It can cover what’s left of your decayed tooth and protect it from any further damage. A crown can also be used to replace a missing tooth. Anchored on both sides of the space using your natural teeth and a fixed bridge, a dental crown is an ideal tooth replacement option!
Covering Damaged Or Stained Teeth With Veneers
One of our many areas of expertise here in San Antonio is dental veneers. These thin, durable shells cover your cracked, chipped, or stained teeth for a dazzling smile that will last you many years into the future. With finely crafted veneers, your teeth don’t just get their function back. They will give you a gorgeous smile in the process!

Get The Function Of Your Teeth Back!

Whether you live in or near San Antonio, TX or you’re passing through for business or pleasure, our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates is here to help you get the function of your teeth back with restorative dental care.
Living with a damaged or infected tooth is not only an inconvenience, it can create an unsightly smile and force you to deal with pain or discomfort that keeps you from enjoying your life! With restorative options right here in San Antonio, you can have a fully-functioning set of teeth that are both healthy and beautiful.
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