This time of year can be pretty tough on couples and singles alike.
With all the talk of soulmates, romantic dates, and love, singles can feel left out and rejected, and couples can feel pressured to pull off the perfect, Pinterest worth Valentine’s Day surprises.
But when you add an embarrassing smile to that mix, you’re talking about some serious potential for relationship blues.
That’s because whether you’re in a relationship or not, feeling unhappy and insecure about your smile makes it hard to fully enjoy special moments with your partner or you lack the confidence to even pursue love in the first place.
Maybe you didn’t find out about Invisalign in time to enjoy this Valentine’s Day with a straight, attractive smile, but starting treatment at Cosmetic Dental Associates today will help you avoid the possibility of history repeating itself!

How Invisalign Can Deliver By Next Valentine’s Day!

*It’s A Faster Way To Straighten Teeth
Patients appreciate Invisalign for many reasons, one of them being how fast it can straighten crooked teeth.
In most cases, Invisalign therapy can be completed within a year. Compared to the two years or more that patients have to wear traditional braces, it’s no wonder why adults love Invisalign!
*It Can Benefit Your Oral Health
Crooked teeth are often also crowded teeth. That means you tend to be at a disadvantage when it comes brushing and flossing in those tiny hiding places where food particles get stuck.
When that happens, bacteria has plenty to feast on, which generates harmful acids that eat away at your tooth enamel.
That’s why a straight smile leads to better oral health. Straight, properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean.
*It’s Clear & Comfortable
Clear aligners are really hard to see unless you’re looking for them. For that reason, adults find Invisalign far less of a sacrificial experience because their appearance isn’t affected. Teenagers may not be thrilled wearing metal braces, but at least they have peace of mind knowing many of their peers are wearing them, too. Adults, too often, don’t have the luxury of that shared experience.
But at least with Invisalign, you’re treatment is hard to notice, so you can continue on maintaining a more sophisticated, professional appearance.
Along with that perk, you also aren’t uncomfortable wearing Invisalign. The aligners are smooth plastic, and instead of sharp edges of metal braces, it’s comfortable against the soft tissues inside your mouth.
*It Suits Your Lifestyle
Invisalign trays are removable, which is one of their many advantages, especially for adults.
You don’t have to make changes to your lifestyle that traditional braces often demand.
Instead of restricting what you can eat, whether because you want to avoid damaging your braces or avoid embarrassment when chunks of food get lodged in your brackets, you can choose Invisalign.
You take them out when it’s time to eat so you don’t have to spend extra time in front of the mirror after a meal dislodging traces of your lunch from your braces.
You can also take them out to brush and floss your teeth, which makes for easier daily oral care.
An added benefit of Invisalign is that it’s a gentler, more convenient straightening method. The aligners are made ahead of time, so when you switch them out every couple of weeks, they shift your teeth into the right position using milder pressure than tightening any wires. Better yet, you don’t have to miss a ton of work over the next couple of years to keep returning to the dentist office for that tightening!

Call To Start Invisalign Now!

It’s understandable that you’re disappointed about not starting cosmetic treatment early enough to have the smile you wanted in time for this year’s Valentine’s Day.
But we hope that now you see a silver lining for next year’s romantic holiday.
Because you’re more aware of an orthodontic option to make it possible.
Invisalign has changed the way patients experience orthodontics by offering a faster, more comfortable path to a straight, beautiful smile.
We see it time and again right here in our San Antonio dental office! Patients continue to appreciate their choice to use Invisalign with Dr. Moore because the results are undeniable and life-changing.
Starting your Invisalign journey now will ensure your straight, confident smile in time for a successful Valentine’s Day in 2018!
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